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Item #: SCP-409

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All items

Description: Biological tissue samples are to be stored in Secure file SCP-409.



SCP-409 is a mobile containment room for an instance of a Sapient Amalgamate Species.

SCP-409 is not to be used for experimentation, species testing, or disassembly.

Much work remains to be done.

The status of SCP-409 is appropriate for reclassification to Euclid.

Description: SCP-409 is a mobile containment chamber for an instance of a Sapient Amalgamate Species. The area, located in ███████, is a community of cells arranged as a single unit anchored to one another by a large membrane. SCP-409 is not to be used for experimentation, species testing, or disassembly.

SCP-409 has been found to be capable of controling this membrane. The aim of the procedure is to use this capacity to draw multiple instances of SCP-409 out of the city's public square, clone the city's population from an area had previously been devoid of a population center, and load the town's population into SCP-409 to create a population center expected to resemble a central city.

The purpose of this process must be to concentrate every population center into an area with a population center of at least 10,000 inhabitants. The population centers created within SCP-409 must be maintained from Site-17 through approximately 24-hour intervals, with the greater of the two populations continuously monitored by an automated inter-agency system.

The population centers created within SCP-409 must be maintained from Site-17 until an hour after approximately 7:45 AM to give the population centers the opportunity to disperse and re-populate.

All subjects interested in other posts in Site-17 must obtain a "blank" membership card and apply to the Level-2 personnel with a minimum membership of 2.

Description: SCP-409 is a 3 m x 5 m cell structure containing 7 specimens of a species of Amalgamate Species, all of which can be activated upon its setting. In order to activate its effect, SCP-409 must be positioned adjacent to a public square in a densely populated area, preferably in well-lit areas. The passage of time within SCP-409 has since shown that the greater a population center is crowded and, in the event of an outbreak, multiple SCP-409 instances will run amok within crowded areas.

SCP-409's anomalous effect only activates when the population centers are hosted in a densely populated area. In the event of a SCP-409-J outbreak, SCP-409 will activate the effect within 6 to 7 hours, in any population centers with a population of at least 10,000 inhabitants. They will then attempt to rectify the situation using a number of methods. Subjects in this state will attempt to transform or relocate the population centers into a place where SCP-409-C breaks the Law of Conservation of Momentum, trapping the more crowded the population centers are, and will then attempt to end the Law of Conservation of Momentum. Subjects' actions often result in the complete shutdown of local commerce, healthcare services, and public transportation.

SCP-409 has been discovered to have a complete incompatibility at the time of the hour for any given population center. This is believed to be the reason for initially active effect against one population center. SCP-409, along with over 90% of the affected population cases, has been found unwilling to work.

Description: SCP-409 was discovered in ██████████, ██████, at approximately 4:30 AM, after Foundation agents were called for backup. The nearest Foundation base was alerted to the presence of SCP-409 by local law enforcement officers, who acted in an attempt to contain it. While attempting to contain SCP-409 the local law enforcement officers were unsuccessful, with only ██ casualties and ██ injured.

After local law enforcement personnel were called off of the street to assist Foundation onsite, Foundation agents found the container of SCP-409. Materials were discovered inside the container, including eleven credit cards, a passport, several photographs of SCP-409, its containment cell, and a pocket watch around the perimeter of Site-17.

SCP-409 was discovered by local law enforcement after citizens reported reports that children were running in circles and playing with toys, and were removed from the city's public school system. Agents were soon dispatched to the scene, and it was determined that all children within the city had been placed in the container. 0, 0█, ██, ██, ██, ██, ██, and ████ reports was then received of the same phenomenon. It is believed that SCP-409 was present in this city before the Foundation arrived, and that the total

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