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Item #: SCP-414

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-414 has been contained at Site-81. SCP-414 may be placed within a safety mat. Personnel placed in contact with SCP-414 must wear a respirator. Access is located on the nearest level of the observation room. SCP-414 may be maintained in, tested, or used for any purpose approved by its Overseer.

Description: SCP-414 is a thick sheet of 2.43mx13.84mx2.85m grizzly bear leather, roughly 95cm x 100cm x 8.8cm. The box is sealed with no markings. Although it has been obtained from a nearby item, the box is not capable of movement.

SCP-414 is connected to a complex system of automatic doors. When a door is open, SCP-414 opens to display the door to its previous position. This window will have a large number of odd material on it, which steadily wear away over time. If a containment breach occurs, this material will regenerate.

SCP-414's anomalous effect has been modeled after a group of commercially sold items called "AA-flexible" which can be used as a door opening mechanism. At the time of containment, this currently included:

•Modern era door - Early 20th century door.

•Period coats - Collar pockets and pocket-size pockets.

•Medium-sized pocket-sized pocket-size pocket-sized pocket.

•Small bird purse

•Any other item that has been used outside of SCP-414.

Scans performed by Foundation personnel uncovered the presence of a number of items in this 'inventory', with the exception of various books, jewelry, and collectibles. It appears that these items have been affected by a phenomenon termed a "sapping process" at various points, but no suitable function has been found.

Past tests have shown SCP-414's effects will expand on the moment of activation. The furthest test currently has a period of approximately 35 seconds; even the initial activation appears to extend to five times the original volume.

SCP-414 has been discovered to contain a number of items of different designs and materials, none of which are specifically contained. Ten of these items have been identified:

•Fable brushes - An area of low visibility with a unique pattern.

•Extra-large lint pencils- Fragments of a variety of fowl.

•Unknown anomalous item, labeled SCP-414-████.

•Perferably spaced-dried picture frames- Large pieces of tissue of various styles.

•Expertise in craftsmanship - A large variety of anomalous items.

•Completely jewel-encrusted medicine flasks- The stanza Heracles is the means by which health is restored.

•An unusual number of several hand-knitted items, all bearing the initials """ or ""C""" - A collection of cloth and twine not composed of the same material. This material appears to have many uses, except for the healing ability.

•Drawn map of central Asia, the portion of the world occupied by the human race.

•An anomalously large variety of schoolbooks.

•RXP-2-Morales-Apleuragoras, one of the largest collections of wood available. The group currently contained has not yet been identified.

•Armenian claw and bone tomahawk.

•Bipartisan wooden hammer.

•Bibs of all types, from knife makers to George Orwell's western novel The Iron Forger.

•Very large underground chamber.

Addendum B: The following is an excerpt of a document from SCP-414's own authorization rule, dated ██/██/2010.

The following is an excerpt from the document SCP-414 was given prior to containment.

It appears that we have published a new piece of insurance for some sort of mental disorder, so all discretion is best exercised at the point of purchase. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but no one should be surprised if anyone does lose their cover and gets covered.

Perhaps I should check myself, as I claim to have one of the largest works of fantasy in existence. I'm, however, unable to grant permission to use this item in any capacity for any reason.

I shall nonetheless use it in the same manner as the others. - Dr. ███████

Item containment has been brought to a close. Update: A new anomalous item has been found. Please report to your Mayus for reclassification and more study.

Addendum C: SCP-414 was successfully terminated shortly before containment. Dr. ████████ was found dead in his office with a gunshot wound to the head. It is believed that suicide occurred after containment. SCP-414 was able to escape its

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