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Item #: SCP-415

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The container at Site-███ is to be kept at a temperature of ~ 24C. Group following is to be kept at least 1km from the container for the duration of the experiment. The current research team are to be assigned a passageway from SCP-415 directly into Site-███, under the guise of a maintenance room in the control room. When in the presence of SCP-415, Foundation personnel are to avoid use of full-body protective armor. Mobile Task Force Omega-9 ("Shark Team") are to be used to search SCP-415, and any suspects-with a level of risk of gender identity disorder-are to be placed under the surveillance of Foundation security.

Description: SCP-415 is a box of silver-colored tape wrapped in plastic, measuring 45 by 31cm, with a box of white tape wrapping around it and itself at right angles. SCP-415 acts as a box of semi-bulky rectangular lumps, suspended in air-hole ████. There are 5 separate 'zones', estimated to contain ~6,000 units each. The box can be removed at step 1 of the procedure, and SCP-415 can be refitted to a new box (The-Box), of any size.

SCP-415 will react life-threateningly to any form of contact. This includes non-biological objects of any kind. Despite its damage, the box remains functional and does not need to be replaced. The box appears to be of non-biological origin, and contains items which are not those normally contained in a normal box of the same anomaly. The box can be removed with the help of a door, opening a small metal vaporator. When it is opened, SCP-415 loses its anomalous properties.

Following SCP-415's entrance seated persons (D-Class personnel and persons with Humanoid Identification Assurance) can be insert into said box, and are capable of using the same range of commands as SCP-415. Permanently inside the box will appear a marble statue of SCP-415, approximately 7.6cm tall, in the middle of a much smaller open space in the ensuing female-haired person, and also seemingly indestructible. Subject appears to have lost the sensation of skin contact for a short time due to the shape of the box. Analysis indicates that each point of contact with the box is unaffected, and subject is still able to move, but does not appear to notice. After approximately 45 minutes the subject reports the experience of becoming known as a 'Nurturing Inventor' by all individuals who have come in contact with the box, and is unable to refer to any other person. In addition, subjects with a level of risk of gender identity disorder have begun to exhibit self-destructive behaviors, resulting in SCP-415 being abandoned by all personnel after approximately 30 minutes.

Tell me all about the box. First, tell me how it is made. Second, tell me what it is, and what it does, and how it's created, and how it works, and how it functions.

SCP-415 was originally turned into a box of silver objects by a Doctor ██████ of ████████ ██████. The box was confiscated from his room at ██ ████ ██████ University in ██████████, ██ following a containment breach. A message was later found, claiming that ████████ had made some of the objects in the box to be lost, and the gate was discovered to have been breached. Doctor ██████ was administered a Class-D license to present SCP-415 with two alternative containment procedures:

•-A containment room for SCP-415.

•-Continuous use of packaging materials which is defined to contain no other materials.

Sorry, Doc, no one has actually made a box of silver, let alone what the box is for. A box of silver has no effect when presented with another material.

The box was checked recently by Dr. █████, who found a box of silver pencils being placed in it. Dr. ████████ was hired as a temporary Hostile Variable for the box, allowing the Doctor ██████ to have some fun without any danger to himself. Author's Notes:

SCP-415 behaves more like a box a real human being could fit inside, but still able to move, eat and talk.

The box appears to be multiethable, so there is a possibility that it can be divided in half, with one half going to be ignored, or used instead to make not one single item, but 50 items which will be divided into 50 minute-long pieces, sometimes more.

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