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Item #: SCP-420

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-420 is currently held in Storage Room 233-A at Site-19. As of the date of this writing, SCP-420 has not displayed any signs of degradation or deterioration in the way other objects in storage were previously maintained.

Although non-anomalous in nature, SCP-420's anomalous properties require several steps to be taken in order for any personnel to successfully ensure the object contains:

•Physical contact with the object.

•Record of a 'Praise From the Heart' greeting.

•Residents of the time zone with access to SCP-420's containment chamber.

Addendum-01: Incident Log 410-D

At approximately 03:19 on 2/7/20██, SCP-420's containment door opened behind D-4898, who managed to lock it using a plate-mounted key. D-4898 was then ordered to retrieve the object by lifting the lid of the door using a foot-operated keypad and pressing the 'open' button. There was a loud knock on the door, and D-4898 cautiously stepped inside. The door then opened, for unknown reasons, and D-4898 was informed that this had been her first introduction with SCP-420.

Further attempts to gain access to SCP-420 have been unsuccessful, with D-4898 eventually losing her access key, and eventually being found hanging from the ceiling of SCP-420's containment chamber.

Addendum-02: Interview Log 408-D

Interviewed: Dr. ████████

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Foreword: Dr. ████████ was informed of SCP-420's anomalous properties, and was instructed to view the object thoroughly.

Dr. ████████: What can you tell us about SCP-420?

SCP-420: It's a piece of art and artwork called a painting. It is a piece of art originally created in 1763 by Henry IV.

Dr. ████████: A piece of art created by Henry IV?

SCP-420: Yes. It was played over a half-hour on a piano once, by a boy named Henry Irving. He had lost his arm to an elephant, so he created something out of that.

Dr. ████████: Interesting. I didn't notice anything unusual about the object in the box the child was playing with.

SCP-420: You've heard of Henry IV, I'm sure. He's a very good musician. He played the part of the nobleman in the music, and at that time, he was deeply revered by the other noblemen, and so was Pitt as well. The nobility treated him very well, and so did the artists who were the sons and grandsons of him. The artisans of the time did likewise, and so painted the play, as you know, the part of the nobleman.

Dr. ████████: Is this activity unusual?

SCP-420: It is. They all do. It's just that they don't show it, and don't talk about it.

Dr ████████: I am afraid I am not authorized to ask you about this activity.

SCP-420: Ha, you have no right. I'm not a stranger to being a collector, but you wouldn't know anything about me if you ever saw one in the wild. I'm sure you even have a wild one!

Dr. ████████: That is not quite what SCP-420 refers to.

SCP-420: Yes, you must know, it is not. It is not what it was originally, and my memories of it are that it was a very different piece of art. I'm sure that you have hands on it, and you must be quite curious to see what it can do.

Dr ████████: I appreciate that, thank you. I am curious to see what you may have produced.

SCP-420: You see? It is a piece of art. It is a piece of art. It is a piece of art. Who knows? Maybe it will tell you. I have a great record of it.

Dr ████████: Well be sure you have someone to look after it.

SCP-420: Oh, I can.

Dr ████████: The record already has a great record of it. You must visit the record, you know, if you want to see it.

SCP-420: You'll have to.

Dr ████████: Of course!

SCP-420: What you see is a piece of art. It is a piece of art

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