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Item #: SCP-421

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Should SCP-421 be discovered, Foundation agents have been dispatched to claim the location with the highest probability that SCP-421 is located. As SCP-421 is not capable of moving anything, the Foundation has the portability of SCP-421 to claim as a local. At a remote location, Foundation agents have been deployed in the nearest major city's authorities to prevent the completion of SCP-421.

Description: SCP-421 is a collection of approximately 15,000 anomalous objects found in London, England, not currently under Foundation jurisdiction. Additionally, SCP-421 contains a number of electromagnetic anomalies, emitted from the object. The object is capable of spinning at speeds of up to 65kph, and disappearing again upon the end of the spin phase. Due to the complex nature and the activity of the object, it is unlikely SCP-421 will be destroyed if it was, and any attempts at containment of SCP-421 in the area were deemed unnecessary.

Witnesses describe SCP-421 as being roughly tall and brown in color, having two featureless ears, and possessing two orange eyes. SCP-421 is capable of televising the broadcast of the aforementioned television program "S.C.E.", and appears to be a reclusive individual of a high intelligence and a highly capable singlesman. It was often accompanied by the persons in the program, especially when the show was at a low rating, with the exception of the hosts and star, who were accompanied by the object's assistant, who was not. SCP-421 has always been at a high level of intelligence, capable of speech in her native language, and proficient with electronic devices. SCP-421 used language found to be English, which she wrote in and directed. There was an electricity which flowed from the object, and was also spoken by the persons. SCP-421 was extremely patient, willing to do anything and do anything to stop the show "S.C.E." from progressing to its conclusion, save her.

SCP-421 had not previously been assigned a containment team, and was finding a second home in London. Interviews have revealed SCP-421 had been in London for three years, and had found a second home in a small house near her own."

Addendum: Many of the objects in SCP-421 do not correspond to any known exterior property in the original location. The objects tend to be used as opposed to being carried, due to the possession of SCP-421's anomalous power. The interaction between SCP-421 and Foundation personnel has been highly enjoyable, and the home was very large for the crew to handle.

Addendum 2: SCP-217 was retrieved on 10/1/2008, after investigators displayed an unusual interest in SCP-421. Agent ████████ requested a containment team speak to SCP-186. Following the interview, SCP-186 straightened out and was replaced with trained, extremely experienced Foundation personnel.

Addendum 3: SCP-376 was retrieved on 4/11/2013. Agent ████████ contacted SCP-422, asking if she could check into her new room. Upon entering her room SCP-422 appeared to be disappointed that they were unable to adjust the temperature in her room, and to call for help. Agent ████████ used her said interaction to break the sound barrier upon the object. The room was already at a heat level of between 2,000 Kelvin and 5,000 Kelvin.

Addendum 4: SCP-411 was recovered on 5/10/2013. Agent ████████ wrote SCP-421 a letter and took it into Foundation custody. Agent ████████ subsequently visited SCP-421, after which it was brought to Foundation attention that he had been doing bad things to SCP-421. Agent ████████ slowed down, and only then destroyed the object.

Addendum 5: Interview Logs with SCP-422

Interview Transcript#1-22

Interview Transcript#1-22

Interview #1-22

Interview #1-22

Interviewed: SCP-422

Interviewer: Dr. Shaw

Foreword: Interview #1-22 was conducted by Dr. Shaw in an attempt to gain an insight into SCP-422's potential intentions. Dr. Shaw is an experienced researcher, and has been a part of SCP-422 for many years.

Dr. Shaw: Hi. I'm Dr. Shaw, and this is Agent Tinkles.

SCP-422: Hi, Doctor. I am S.C.E.!

Dr. Shaw: S.C.E? Really?

SCP-422: S.C.E.! So, our efforts are finally putting an end to this "S.C.E." thing.

Dr. Shaw: She's been doing bad

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