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Item #: SCP-422

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-422 is to be stored in a standard humanoid storage room in Site-76. Personnel with Level 2 (multi-specialist) clearance should be assigned and educated properly on all aspects of SCP-422, as well as to be given instruction on how to use and maintain SCP-422. All research materials pertaining to SCP-422 are stored under the following main heading: SCP-422-A, -B, SCP-422-F, SCP-422-GN, SCP-422-J, SCP-422-JP, and SCP-422-L. SCP-422-A, -B, -GN, -JP, and -L are to be kept in a separate secure locker in Site-76.

Description: SCP-422 is a male humanoid with pale blue skin and a glowing green aura. Notable traits of SCP-422 are its name, prominent purple eyes, and the ability to communicate in a rhyming language. SCP-422 is composed of an identical humanoid torso composed of indestructible iron and is completely immobile. Multiple arms can be seen protruding from SCP-422's torso, each composed of a variation of oxide and gave to it as a gift.

SCP-422-1 is an individual that possesses the ability to make various noises, which are as follows:

•A sound in the form of small gunfire.

•A sound composed of a purring horse or other animal that is playing.

•A song composed of a vocal hymn.

•A song composed of various different English phrases.

•A sound that resembles a familiar coughing sound.

•A musical note that reads, in a language that SCP-422 is incapable of understanding, "Arfmalov".

All the sounds created by SCP-422 are to be publicly displayed in an area of Site-76 called SCP-422-A. Each sound created is referred to as a separate unit. As of yet, SCP-422-A itself has not been discovered to have any anomalous properties beyond what mundan. The only exception to this is SCP-422-3, which appears to move randomly.

When SCP-422 voices a song and produces a sound unit to play, this unit will appear with a vocal composition of magical effect. No songs created by SCP-422 can be heard, though tests have showed that the vibrations created by these songs are not physically distributed through normal matter, and their musical content appears to be the result of an unknown force.

SCP-422 itself appears to possess a secondary form of energy and has been shown to create a random number of items that are absent other than SCP-422. Equipment and personnel interacting with or interacting with SCP-422 often display an increased sense of hostility or distrust towards the entity, frequently manifesting an aversion to the sound unit.

SCP-422-3 is the primary pillar of the Foundation and the primary center of SCP-422's anomalous effects. SCP-422-3 is a harmonious matter singing with a musical composition that is dominated by lyrics composed of various languages. The most notable aspect of SCP-422-3 is its network of anomalous anomalous song units that are composed of metal and will react violently to broken glass. Further details are classified in Document #422-A.

SCP-422-1 is a sentient human subject attached to SCP-422's body. SCP-422-1 is a sentient gremlin composed of various materials. SCP-422-1 is able to communicate using this communication system, but otherwise is specialized in a particular area of content within their particular area of competence. SCP-422-1 is able to produce song units with the following innovations:

•Appearance of a male human soldier, with a variety of prominent talents and skills.

•Ability to trace the behavioral traits of their soldiers through a series of tests.

•Ability to produce musical pieces composed of different compound materials.

•Ability to long-distance communicate with other units, as well as to perform a song in a manner that is non-anomalous to any of the units currently in existence.

Addendum-422-A: Personnel with levels 2 (multi-specialist) clearance and above are eligible for a promotion to Senior Researcher. Further details, including one or more of the following:

•Level 1 (IS/IT/S) clearance

•Level 2 (IT/S) clearance

•Level 3 (IT/S), Level 4 (IS/IT/S) clearance

•Level 5 (IT/S) clearance with Level 2 (multi-specialist) clearance

SCP-422-A is a humanoid room in Site-76 containing several humanoid individualoids that display any number of anomalous properties. The interior of SCP-422-A is identical to that of a standard humanoid containment chamber

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