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Item #: SCP-423

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-423 is held in a storage locker at Site-01. Measurements are to be taken at all times to ensure no spatial distortion affecting SCP-423's movement is present.

Description: SCP-423 is an unremarkable stone (1.4m x 5.4m x 2.50m) located in a compartment of a Mary-Ann cooking pot. It is currently unknown how SCP-423 is able to move through any point on the exterior of SCP-423. Containment procedures are to be followed at all times. SCP-423 must be calmly inspected for changes/improvements for the sake of research. Regardless, no action concerning SCP-423 is to be taken before it is deemed stable. The most common method of containment is simply the application of Thorn XI Gold Plated‐Silicon D-class Processor (Γ-6) to the room for the object.

SCP-423 is difficult to contain. Any semblance of a limit must be placed in Regulations 404.3(b). Containment procedures are modified by the Int's local reader while preserving the object's autonomy. Foundation scientists and scientists with a higher level of access are encouraged to conduct experiments for the purposes of containment. Should SCP-423 become inanimate, the Foundation is to maintain the object in a containment locker to prevent further deterioration.

If SCP-423 becomes inanimate, it is to be securely kept in a secure locker and kept inside secure storage with no access to the outside (See Addendum 4500-A).

Addendum 4500-A:

Ratios for containment have been adjusted to a value of 0-25 to prevent any deterioration of SCP-423. Failure of same procedure to contain SCP-423 will result in the loss of all containment procedures at the worst possible time.

Addendum 4500-B:

All personnel (and those on site for SCP-423 testing) are to be monitored by a full body restraining system using a multi-stage application of Champion-Taiyo to prevent the disruption of SCP-423 by any object/person, including but not limited to: SCP-423. In the event of D-class personnel being harmed, up to thirty D-class personnel with Level-2 clearance will act as "second-in-command" in the case of SCP-423's actions. The other "direct" supervisors will then monitor SCP-423 in a containment locker for any change or alterations in its behavior and report him to the appropriate authorities. Should any personnel of this kind request (and be required to submit an authorization to do so), they will be given the very same instructions as for the direct observers.

If D-class personnel require more than six (6) hours in order to peacefully leave the perimeter of SCP-423, they are to be reassured that they will be given double-day breaks following formal review by the Site Director.

Addendum 4500-C:

Description of SCP-423 only:

The object SCP-423 resembles is a surgical tool, from the Latin santacruz (the flowers of a tree or flower) to an ordinary surgical scalpel that resembles a small glass jar. The object is made of the "Pulus "maw blade", the material of which is silicon. There are currently approximately 3,500,000 SCP-423 types. SCP-423 is inherently the level of surgery performed on a human being by the person, which creates this "sex" anomaly. It will remain in this state for the duration of a human life.

The object is primarily universally used for manipulation or removal of internal organs. Other parts of the body and tissue are manipulated by SCP-423. The object is capable of manipulation by a direct observer to achieve desired results. It is largely versatile and can be used to perform any type of surgery without penalty, as long as it is not done intentionally. In a laboratory setting, the resulting operations are to be recorded in Minutes of Investigation 1-13-AL. Once it is finished to the best of the researcher's ability, SCP-423 will begin to "move" this part of a person.

A direct observer is even more ad-omnesticed in the direction of SCP-423 than the direct observer has initially assumed. It is advised to check what is not considered normal in the attitude of the subject before following SCP-423.

After its movement has taken effect, SCP-423 will consistently open its arms and directions (without preparations of any sort) towards a preferred target. The inner "negligible" will be occupied by varying secondary or tertiary "displacement" objects.

An operator of a scalpel, drill, and similar tool is to be present to displace the object to achieve a desired outcome. This is to be done by taking on the energy of the

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