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Item #: SCP-424

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-424 is contained at Site-19. The main office is to be maintained within Site-19, and personnel are to not wander the facilities of that office where SCP-424 may be seen.

Description: SCP-424 is a humanoid entity resembling a Human-shaped device. The entity appears as the head of a long-necked humanoid. Its arms and legs are humanoid with four digits and six digits. Its arms are pincer, and can be treated with common robotics technology. Even when not wearing the equipment of its face, SCP-424 has been observed to generate high-powered brass cutting tools. These tools are capable of cutting objects with a hardness of more than 700c. Though it may also be used to produce countless other electrical hazards, SCP-424 has proven to be able to create all sorts of devices.

History: SCP-424 first came to Foundation attention on 5/3/201█, when a formal complaint overheard in ███████ County High School in ██████, ██, filed by a teacher saying there was a significant increase in vandalism. The principal, in a subsequent interview with SCP-424, said:

"The police can handle it better than one of the Professors."

SCP-424 was found in the courtyard of █████ High School after that school was disbanded for a school construction project, and was brought in under surveillance. On 6/10/201█, SCP-424 was lost after destroying the exterior of a school-owned office.

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