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Item #: SCP-425

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-425 is stored in Research Unit-33-A, at Site-01. Access to SCP-425 is restricted to personnel with Level-2 Clearance. Personnel working on SCP-425 must maintain a minimum of 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep while on site.

Description: SCP-425 is an average-looking, Caucasian male, named ██-████-████. The reason for SCP-425's appearance is currently unknown.

SCP-425 is capable of creating film-like images with no more than 0.5% accuracy. However, SCP-425 tends to display perceptual distortions that result from apparently random, yet consistent events. These distortions contribute to the appearance of the rendered images. These distortions include but are not limited to:

•The focus of all subjects viewing the film will shift from as the viewer to as being in the camera.

•The camera will become distorted as if all subjects have shown their face.

•There will be a certain color contrast between subjects, including belonging to a class of objects.

•A specific time of the night has appeared while inside the camera.



•The agents who are on scene holding the model-work of SCP-425 (via the viewfinder and microphone) say a word and then vanish in a second.

•The camera shows a member of the staff holding a model-work of SCP-425 on their head.

•The camera shows a member of staff holding a model-work of SCP-425 onto their head, until the model-work starts to move or move away from them.

This is not limited to a single effect. There are also thirty Foundation-labeled variations to this effect, and few individuals have been able to correctly classify them. It seems that, apart from changes in the specification of the camera, the effects of an effect of this effect are not a matter of opinion.

Models created using SCP-425 also display a variation on these effects.

Chemistry research shows that the inherent property of SCP-425's effect is not based on a set of physical parameters that dictate the photos the model produced by it. Rather, SCP-425 will either draw a model, or create a complete model of the original, depending on the usage being undertaken.

Models may also be drawn of movies, things, and other media. In addition, previously undiscovered compounds and chemicals responsible for creating models have been found on-site.

Exploration log

SCP-425 was discovered in ███████, Wisconsin, after a report of a similar event in ██████████, ████████ reported reports that a 16-year-old boy was having a particularly difficult time with his mother. The local police were alerted when a 19-year-old refused to be taken into custody and threatened to run away. When police arrived, SCP-425 was lying on the floor skillfully drawing models. The police removed SCP-425 from its room, along with a model of the mother murdered to get her to relinquish SCP-425.

During a break, a family member and several children entered the room. SCP-425 then disappeared, and the children attacked and overpowered the police.

SCP-425 was recovered after being driven to maximum capacity by its children. Common sense shows that SCP-425 was going to try and break out of containment after being attacked by its children.

Addenda: SCP-425 was recovered on the 2nd of December SCP-425 was moved from testing to Site-01 in order to recover its body.

Addendum #1: SCP-425 appears to be constructed of several types of material, which amass further elements depending on the meaning of a single word. The main component of effects is an image made of model-works, of various films, models, and other media. This effect is called SCP-425-A.

SCP-425-A is to be displayed on a display in the middle of the desk at once. Subject will not perceive any other form of model. The model will still show up on the desk if visible.

The photograph made of the model-work currently on the desk is displayed for 30 seconds. The units of the model-work will shrink accordingly, and are no longer visible to the subject.

The image of the model-work shrinks to the size of an icon from the current screen. A picture of the model-work will appear. All instances of the model-work will follow the viewer of the viewer as normal, though the movement of the model-work will be different, and lacking any "appearance" effect.

The image of the model-work appears as a cursory sketch of the model-work that the subject might see of the screen. Subjects will be able to see the

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