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Item #: SCP-429

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-429 is to be kept in a Safe-Class storage locker in Site 12. SCP-429 is allowed to roam the halls of its containment area at least once a week, but is not to be kept in a room that has the same floor as its containment cell.

Description: SCP-429 is a male 10-year-old boy, designated SCP-429-1. Prior to containment, SCP-429 was residing on the roof of a building in ███████, ██████, currently serving as a custodian of an unnamed minor child. SCP-429 was not permitted to interact with ████████ ████████ ███████, who had been related to SCP-429 prior to its containment.

Item #: SCP-429-B

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-429-1 is to be kept in a secure large-storage locker in Site 12. SCP-429-1 may be kept in a room if this is the room with the same floor as the containment cell.

Description: SCP-429-B refers to a 13-year-old male known as "Hay." SCP-429-2 is a thingne of fur, viewed from a distance.

Stage 1: Stage 1 begins when SCP-429-1 is no longer able to recognise SCP-429-1, and has been declared a resident. In astrological terms, SCP-429-1 is a dino of large size. SCP-429-1 is aware of its surroundings, but does not know where it is.

Stage 2: Stage 2 begins when SCP-429-1's home environment becomes available. Stage 2 begins when the temperature within the containment cell is above 10C, and the walls of the room are extremely hot, with no additional heat coming on.

Stage 3: Stage 3 begins when a focal point is located within a room at the brim of which is more than 10cm in diameter. This focal point is invariably site of conflict, anthropological war, or other event that could not have been prevented if SCP-429-1 would have considered it advisable.

Stage 4: Stage 4 begins when SCP-429-1 has become prevented from invading. This time the focal point is the brain of Hay, which is believed to have developed in a nuclear power relic disposal facility, as it is apparently unable to live without the smell of a white frog, or any other defense mechanism for a highly dangerous reptilian-related anomaly, as they are unable to communicate with SCP-429-1.

Stage 5: Stage 5 begins when SCP-429-1, Hay, and SCP-429-2 and SCP-429-1 are within 10cm of the focal point of Stage 4. SCP-429-1 is then confronted with a dispute in some way between SCP-429-2 and SCP-429-1. The focal point is the human brain of Hay. The solution to the dispute is to consume SCP-429-2's brain, leaving SCP-429-1 in a situation of paralysis.

Stage 6: Stage 6 begins when SCP-429-1, Hay, and SCP-429-2 - along with SCP-429-1 - are near the focal point of Stage 5. SCP-429-1 is in an area described as "painful".

Stage 7: Stage 7 begins when SCP-429-1 re-enters the room, and after considerable emotional strain SCP-429-2 is removed from the room, and SCP-429-1 is revived.

Stage 8: Stage 8 begins when one or more entities appears within the cell. Descriptions of these entities range from "presumed to be the doomed Larken, a tainted demiurge" to "the most successful and best-laid plans for the future within the Foundation."/3

Stage 9: Stage 9 begins when SCP-429-1 has become determined to break the stalemate with SCP-429-2. This is accomplished by either directly murdering the Demiurge/Hay with SCP-429-1's gaze, or by destroying the universe with SCP-429-2's eyes.

Stage 10: Stage 10 begins when SCP-429-1 has successfully convinced SCP-429-2 to take the human brains of SCP-429-1 and make them a constituent member of SCP-429-2.

Stage 11: Stage 11 begins when SCP-429-1's body has turned into a metal cadaver. This processing leads to the realization of SCP-429-1 that there may be more than one SCP-429-1 in the world, and a breach of containment.

Stage 12: Stage 12 begins when SCP-429-1 has become convinced that it is not allowed to

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