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Item #: SCP-430

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-19 is to remain locked and closed to the public. Personnel around SCP-430 are to be issued Occupational License #36-1-019 (found on SCP-430-2). Personnel covering SCP-430 are to consult SCP-430-1 whenever opportunity arises.

A no-fly zone is to be maintained by aircraft passing over affected areas, and is to be reinforced every year.

Description: SCP-430 is the collective designation for approximately 666 thousand individuals, all of whom appear to be aged between 23 and 28. SCP-430-1 is an undefined mass of people, obviously composed of uninhabited properties, organized into a hierarchy of 1-1-1-0-4-3-2-3. These records are, to date, owned only by SCP-430's controllers, who appear to be involved with some sort of paranormal or metaphysical activity of some sort. SCP-430-2 is a city, located in ██████, ██████████████. It appears to be populated by all of the residents of SCP-430, as observed by instances of SCP-430-1 and SCP-430-2.

SCP-430-1 is a on-site residence of various meaningless content, designated SCP-430-2. Its interior appears to be in a state of constant dilapidation, and largely empty. SCP-430-2 has been described as a "collection" of numerous anomalous objects, most likely connected to the objects contained in SCP-430-2. While it is generally in a state of disrepair, SCP-430-2 appears to have no fewer than 76 elevators and is packed with anomalously misplaced objects relating to the 1980s and 80s era.

SCP-430-2 has been described to be a strange cityLayout with fall-in-style depiction of the cities depicted in SCP-430-1. SCP-430-1 has been described as a large agricultural center for some time. This is evidenced by the construction of a small army of SCP-430-1 instances occupying a large portion of the city. SCP-430-2 has the appearance of a large city with a city-wide highway system consisting of vehicle-like vehicles exiting an interconnected cityscape composed of streets, roads, and a mostly empty suburban "downtown". Two of the aforementioned "droids" represent SCP-430-1 instances, for example an SCP-430-1 instance representing a "truck truck" and a unique SCP-430-2 instance representing an "emperor penguin".

SCP-430-2 contains a number of anomalous developments, including a library, a large warehouse, an elevator, a shopping center, a sushi restaurant, a restaurant, and the now defunct █████████ ████ ████ ████ ████ Hospital. All of SCP-430-2's anomalous properties are believed to rest within these establishments. The Foundation has no control over to this extent, as the sides of SCP-430-2 are composed of mechanical and fusion of bizarre and mundane and organic creations, and strange and mundane styles. See Document 430-I-██ for more information on SCP-430-2.

A violent political struggle between the Foundation and the SCP-430-5 is currently taking place. Current timeline shows most of SCP-430-2 as a deserted hospital. SCP-430-6 and SCP-430-7 are currently cooped up in medical facilities. There has been no further reports of anyone in the city since ██/██/20██.

SCP-430-1 is a cluster of anomalous objects, resembling a large unorganized mass of SCP-430-2, along with instances of SCP-430-3, SCP-430-4, SCP-430-5 and SCP-430-6. When left unchecked, SCP-430-1 will periodically contact each other, causing an ammunition incident, but does not appear to notice that the conversation is being held publicly.

SCP-430-2, a large number of SCP-430-1 instances, does not move with the other population of SCP-430. SCP-430-2 appears to be a completely non-anomalous city, but its layout and actions require close observation; a curious presence is present between SCP-430-1 and its population. SCP-430-1 seems to inhabit a large, vacant lot of some sort, although there do not appear to be a number of buildings within it. SCP-430-1 is not heavily populated, although it does require at least four staff members to maintain an active force of SCP-430-2-3. It is also not known if SCP-430-1 has inhabitants of any other kind, and some of its areas appear to be completely empty.


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