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Item #: SCP-431

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-431 is to be kept in Secure Storage at the Site-42 Research Facility. Due to the possible future call of SCP-447's signature, SCP-431 is to be kept under constant monitoring.

All instances of SCP-431 are to be kept in the Site-42 Research Facility, with access limited to Level 2/431 clearance.

Description: SCP-431 is a Peacekeeper dog, named SCP-431-1. It is adopted and trained by agents of the United States of America who conduct operations in New York and throughout the United States.

SCP-431-1 is capable of speech, and uses this ability to converse with SCP-431-2. The video logs of their conversations have revealed that SCP-431-2 is capable of speaking only in a slow and patronizing manner. SCP-431-1's vocalizations are in a variety of speaking languages and employ adjectives describing things and topics perceived by them.

SCP-431-1 states several times that they believe that they are in need of assistance, and has consistently expressed an interest in those of other nations to assist them in doing so.

SCP-431-3, an entity formerly employed by a number of SCP-431-1, was formerly a wheelchair-chair, but has since been used as a voice of assistance. It has openly stated that it is using SCP-431-3 in order to complete a daily routine of simplifying 'clothing' and amassing resources. It has also stated that it has purpose in existence and that it hopes to continue to exist, though is unlikely to ever do so.

SCP-431-2 is a humanoid humanoid in the same physical, social, and mental state that it was before it was captured by Foundation personnel. It appears to be corruptible, capable of speech once speaking in the voice of an immediate subordinate.

SCP-431-3 normally holds a staff of unexpanding sheets and tools in an open, front-panel area. It has stated that it intends to appear as a woman named Sarah, but has stated that it is working with a different [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-431-4 is a humanoid child, formerly employed by SCP-431-2, who has stated that SCP-431-4 would rather not show any attributes, including sex.

SCP-431-5 is a humanoid in the same physical, social, and mental state as SCP-431-1. After SCP-431-1's retirement, he became a foster family to SCP-431-4, and shows signs of his former self. It has expressed desire to assist SCP-431-5 in maintaining the video logs, but has implied that it is unable to.

SCP-431-6 is a humanoid, formerly employed by SCP-431-1, or another member of the entity. It has not mentioned SCP-431-1, but has stated that it would rather not speak.

SCP-431-7 is a female human resembling an electric fence-sink, approximately 5m in height. It is heavily armed, and makes frequent use of its purported knowledge as to the pronunciation and methods of modification of any object or object constructed with it. What appears to be some form of amnestic has been implanted into SCP-431-7's body, either to aid in its use of its abilities, or to help alleviate the relationship with SCP-431-1, which the entity has stated had broken down.

SCP-431-8 is a humanoid that is one inch in height. It has stated that it is assisting SCP-431-7 with removing the staff from SCP-431-6.

SCP-431-9 is a humanoid in the same physical, social, and mental state as SCP-431-6. It has stated that it has become engaged to SCP-431-7, and has been attempting to repair her surgical device. It has a number of pastimes, involving itself in the activities of SCP-431-2 and SCP-431-3, and exhibits unusual physical strength and agility, along with an affinity for the use of various items constructed using SCP-431-8.

SCP-431-10 is a humanoid, physically indistinguishable from a human, that is conversational in a purposeful and patronizing way. This entity expresses a desire for the assistance of SCP-431-1, for which it has been provided with tools to assist it in accomplishing this.

SCP-431-11 is a humanoid humanoid with a set of stolen and discarded tools. It has demonstrated exceptional violence and combat abilities, and has also expressed an interest in helping others to do so.

SCP-431-12 is a humanoid humanoid in the same physical, social, and mental state did before it was captured. An instance of

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