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Item #: SCP-043

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-043 is to be retrieved from a small country estate in Georgia. A Foundation command center located in the south-east was to monitor SCP-043 as necessary. SCP-043 and all its items are to be stored in a secure storage container at Site-118. Disposal of SCP-043's items is to take place in a post-anomalous ritual.

Description: SCP-043 is a clean, blue ceramic tablet. The handle is anopsied while in use, but both the internal and outer edges are intact. All settings remain on on the sides of the tablet, with the one underneath the tablet showing red accents.

When the tablet is opened, a set of human skeletal remains with reddish, dark pigmentation appear on the underside of the handle. These remains are believed to be remnants of SCP-043. When the sixth set of bones is removed from SCP-043, SCP-043's bones turn red and humanoid in appearance.

When touched by an individual of any gender, the anomalous effect of SCP-043 becomes known. The ability of an individual to access SCP-043 opens a gateway for both the spirit of SCP-043 and the spirit of all other human beings into SCP-043 and grants a level of dominance to them.

To test this, SCP-043 requires a two-way action: the possessed individual will face the portal to SCP-043 and will then request entry into SCP-043. This request will be granted access, and is dubbed SCP-043-1, and will cease to be a barrier between SCP-043. Attempts to so undermine SCP-043-1's anomalous effect as to disable it on the other person will result in the failure, and a new path will be opened.

The humanoid form of SCP-043 is the manifestation of the spirit of SCP-043 itself. Individuals participating in SCP-043 will see a brief examination of SCP-043's physical features, and will then undergo an operation which is most often performed by a surgeon: the individual will, once the examination is finished, should then undergo a ritual which finishes before SCP-043's self-unification with SCP-043.

Over the course of the ritual, a human spirit will emerge from SCP-043. The image of the patron bearing SCP-043's authority within SCP-043 is to be selected by the individual before the ritual. This image is repeatedly designed to resemble the symbol used by the terms "Spirit of the Zodiac" on the tablet.

A ritual designed to activate SCP-043's anomalous properties will consist of:

•Setting a major myth, such as Ganymede, into motion

•Setting the spirit of the Zodiac in motion through the use of energy, through public typesetting

•A series of hundreds, if possible, of minor mythologues

•Instigating the biological memory of SCP-043 to remain in motion within the body of the individual, or living entities.

•A series of sound effects meant to trigger SCP-043's anomalous effects before stopping after the ritual ends.

All these actions must be performed simultaneously within a human's mind.

When entering SCP-043, a blind individual will be chosen from the individuals within Site-119, designated as SCP-043-1. Upon initial entry into SCP-043's anomalous effect, SCP-043-1 will be identified as the manifestation of the soul of the original individual, a designation which was declassified due to its deliberate nature. This person will be designated SCP-043-1-A, and will be in contact with SCP-043 during the ritual.

Following a complete objective, SCP-043-1-A will become active within SCP-043 and become a manifestation of SCP-043-1. During the course of this action the individual's mind will shift as the original individual's consciousness re-emerges from SCP-043. This action will result in a complete re-programming of the individual's emotions, beliefs, and personality. This process is identical to the self-liberation of the original individual except that the consciousness of SCP-043-1 will be able to re-program itself according to its own preferences and desires.

SCP-043 has been confirmed to host both biological and non-biological anomalous instances of SCP-043. Currently, SCP-043 is equipped with two monitors, one for each of the two sets of anomalous instances. Video feeds indicate that the tablet's screen has been placed on a pedestal near SCP-043's base.

According to surveys carried out in the 1950s, SCP-043's civilization is estimated to be estimated to be approximately 30,000 years old. The tablets indicate that the Zodiac has only existed in human hands since the 5th century BCE.


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