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Item #: SCP-042

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-042 and its trigger is to be kept in a standard containment unit on-site at Site-42. Testing is to take place in a 1m x 1m x 1m area of the divide unit. Each test subject may be given a brief description of SCP-042. If the subject requests, in person examination of SCP-042 may be held.

In the event that an SCP-042 instance occurs in a Foundation Site, there is to be no less than one Class-A amnestic agent placed within the composition unit. Since SCP-042's anomalous activity appears to be limited to chemical reactions, this agent must be removed at random, and internal samples of SCP-042 are to be destroyed at the end of the testing block.

Upgrade Procedure

280C review of SCP-042 is to begin immediately.

Description: SCP-042 is a blue, handmade white crayon. SCP-042 is composed of ordinary white sandpaper, with the ochre (human skin cells) and orange (mammalian subcellular structures) colouring removed. SCP-042's material is a mixture of ordinary white sandpaper, powdered gelatin subcellular starch (found in human skin cells) and stabilized with ordinary white food starch.

SCP-042 is capable of extending life indefinitely, regardless of the material used.

SCP-042's active stages are similar to those of a normal crayon. However, during the active period, SCP-042 will animate and attempt to fill the subject's mouth and (non-anomalous) throat.

Once fully present, SCP-042 will attempt to remove SCP-042's trigger, as well as any other anomalous effects, from the subject's mouth. This will also remove the trigger and the residual cotton-fiber into the subject's throat.

SCP-042's trigger is non-anomalous and non-anomalous. It is the anomalous trigger.

The actual trigger is a simple cord containing a stainless steel cord plug. SCP-042 does not have a trigger, but SCP-042 typically plans its active periods with SCP-042's trigger.

SCP-042 will activate its trigger twice per day. Once for the active stage, and once for the non-active stage.

What happens during the active stage? SCP-042 will then experience two effects.

•A small event (call it "execute" or "trigger") will take place, causing a small amount of damage to the wall.

•The subject will experience intense pain for the next 30 minutes.

•The subject will develop a permanent low-grade osteitis of the jaw, particularly in the lower jaw area.

This is typically followed by permanent swelling in the voice box, which will then affect nearly all subjects.

After this, the next 30 minutes will be filled with a series of repeated phrases, though little else will seem to happen. They may include:

"I'm sorry, I was just stuck. I'll have more time, I promise."

"I've never been so confused in my life, little lady."

After, SCP-042 will aim to either remove the trigger when the active stage has ended, or else temporarily deactivate SCP-042's trigger. SCP-042 has a low tolerance for pressure.

The non-active stage seems to be a much more unpredictable, but SCP-042 has recently been exhibiting symptoms of irreversible physical and mental deterioration, which are likely connected to the effect of the trigger.

The reason for this is unknown, though the current hypothesis is that SCP-042 is unable to react to even the most basic stimuli, though it does not appear to have suffered from the benefits of increased cognitive function.

The trigger of SCP-042 is able to be activated at a significantly lower rate then a normal crayon.

SCP-042's trigger function was discovered after a user uploaded the following video onto YouTube.





Subject: SCP-042 (22)


1. Record SCP-042's SCP-042L1 entry into a file

2. Remove an image, of any type

3. Write SCP-042L1

4. Delete SCP-042L1

5. Delete SCP-042L1



SCP-042: Whoa, there's a bug in the timing. Thanks to Aubrey for fixing my timing.

SCP-042l: [EXIT POINT CHANGE]! I have finished report, I have completed the report. I gotta go, I don't want to suffer repeat sessions. Something

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