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Item #: SCP-433

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-433 instances are to be stored in a regular humanoid containment locker at Site-92. Should SCP-433 be removed from that locker, it is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment locker at Site-92.

Description: SCP-433 are a collection of inkwashes and other cemeteries dating back to Ancient Greece and Roman antiquity. SCP-433 can be seen as a collection of symbols. Most SCP-433 instances bear images or symbols in the form of a stylized drawing of a snake or a winged bird. It is unknown what these symbols are, and if these symbols are not written on the instances themselves during the course of their life, they will morph when ingested.

SCP-433 instances appear to be hollow. When exposed to bodily fluids for a period of twelve hours or more, they will extend their heads until reaching a point where their spine or limbs are fused and formed. This process is irreversible, and will leave no lasting damage to either the SCP-433 instance's body or the objects around it.

As of ██/██/19██, SCP-433 is contained in a standard humanoid containment locker at Site-92. It is to be kept at least 4m from the walls of its locker for the purposes of observation and research.

When SCP-433 is not being transported to a specific location, it will remain susceptible to various physical damage and diseases. It is to be secured in a standard humanoid containment locker whenever it enters a room full of other SCP-433 instances.

To date, no other self-polling SCP-433 instances have been reported to be considered a threat to containment.

Addendum 2:

During Operation Zeta-9, SCP-433 was managed by Agent ██████ Smith, a field agent embedded within an SCP-433 instance in Site-92. Agent Smith was also the lead researcher in-house in his previous work, SCP-SCP-█████.

On ██/██/20██, Agent Smith was found unconscious in a human containment chamber. He had recently completed a project object for SCP-265 at Site-92, and had been given a Class-B amnestic as compensation.

Agent Smith had spent the morning watching a copy of SCP-209 being screened on DVD. After being handed the treatment for SCP-420, he revealed his intention to shrink the container down, in order to secrete the corpses of SCP-418. Agent Smith was later found lying on the floor near SCP-415, having become a mortal enemy of SCP-710. SCP-417 was found by Agent Smith's bed in the storage space, and was dead. Agent Smith and SCP-201 were discovered in Site-92 and promptly containable. Agent ██████ was found deceased in Site-92 with no memory of his previous work, SCP-█. Agent Smith had been criticised for being insensitive, but also for being a Team Leader.

Addendum 3:

On ██/██/20██, SCP-433 successfully escaped Site-92, and was found in ██████, ███████. Agent █████ O. Smith (aka SCP-067-TH-A3) was recorded talking to SCP-433, once expressing profound remorse and apology. Agent Smith was recorded subsequently attempting to call SCP-433, but was dissuaded by SCP-433, who then proceeded to cut Agent Smith's head off. Agent Smith later died, having caused extensive damage to his work. Despite this, Agent Smith was never considered a significant threat to containment.

Addendum 4:

On ██/██/20██, Agent ██████ O. Smith was discovered in the personal quarters of SCP-█████. Despite Initial Officer ████'s repeated complaints of insomnia and hearing loss, Agent Smith managed to record the following conversation.

Agent Smith: "Hello, SCP-████."

SCP-████: "Hey, there's a little girl, she's beautiful. She loves pizza, especially the old ones."

Agent Smith: "What do you think I'm doing with her?"

SCP-████: "Y, she was just checking me out. She's pretty, I'm sure. She's probably still a girl. Haha!"

Agent Smith: "How old is she?"

SCP-████: "She was pretty for a while, yeah. She's about six.︷☆ss!"

Agent Smith: "Seriously, isn't that just a cool name?"

SCP-████: "Oh, it is!"

Agent Smith: "Oh, well, I'm just glad you brought this-"

SCP-████: "Oh, wait! Stop!"

Agent Smith: "Oh, come on- I'm

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