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Item #: SCP-434

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The objective of SCP-434 is to willfully enter an area of soil containing a small group of organisms called "Monoceros" within one kilometer radius. If SCP-434 is made to leave its area of influence, the Monoceros will push out of the area, and will attempt to run over the object with its foot. If SCP-434 is not directly handled, SCP-434 will perhaps be able to grab the Monoceros by the neck and drag it through the ground, with the object still falling but not consuming it. No attempt to elicit an unequivocal statement from the Monoceros in this manner is expected, as the object does not seem to remember or even respond to direct contact.

Of note is that SCP-434's speed and purpose is so similar to the horses that it stands and gallops with its hooves. It is classified as a Thaumiel, and is to be kept in a shared secure housing in the Site-28 Coding-Room at Site-59.

Description: SCP-434 is a .22 meter tall, fifty-year-old white male, with an irregular, tubular body structure resembling a bull (Ursus arcticus). The head, neck and upper body are covered in scaly, glowing scales. As the body has not used physical force to knock or injure any other mammals, SCP-434 is not dangerous to other animals, including humans.

SCP-434 was recovered at ███ ████████ ████ ████, in ███████, South Korea. It was buried beneath burial grounds for ██████ ████.

The Monoceros surrounding SCP-434 are the "Monoceros" of SCP-434. Monoceroses have a habit of attacking any human being that touches the creature. The Monoceros will incinerate and kill any mammals, except humans. They will then begin to attack human beings. If the Monoceros grows too large, it will tear itself asunder. In these attacks, the animal's flesh will transform into a variety of animal matter, including ("predator") birds, aquatic insects, etc.

Andromeda Monoceros

SCP-434 was brought to Foundation personnel by Andromeda Monoceros, who had been exiled from ████████, South Korea and living at the ██████ ████ ████ ████████, █████████████, and was in keeping with traditions. The creature was recently located in ██████████████ ████, ██████████████, █████████████, ██████████████ and removed from storage. Foundation personnel were able to successfully contain it with the help of Antonio ██████, a true believer and further knowledge of the Monoceros.

A very short note is to be kept on the desk of Dr. ██████: "I never told you what to do about SCP-434."

Addendum: SCP-434 was recovered in ████████, Oregon, in ████████, Michigan. A forklift loaded with inanimate furniture and a truck filled with ice were, when SCP-434 was pulled, carried to a dumpster. After no other hand was able to remove it from contain, it was spirited away. Although SCP-434 cannot be used to produce food, there are some notes attached to the forklift saying "Monoceros" was born and raised there.

It's also interesting that No One in ██████████████ ever felt discomfort or discomfort from touching SCP-434.

Addendum: Due to SCP-434's extranormal behavior, activity within Site-59 is to be monitored for strange activity.

If any instances of SCP-434 are found, or the existence of a Monoceros is discovered, SCP-434 is to be removed from all surrounding areas.

Documents of SCP-434:

"It was found in ████████, ████████."

-Schematic diagram of SCP-434.

"It is to be contained in the Site-89 Cabin, at ████ ██████████████. Place security within ██████████████'s security doc."

-SCP-434's current containment document.

The object was found in ██████████████. There they had the two agents recover it and bring it in. After conducting the interview, the Agent reported that he did not think he was capable of defeating the Monoceros. He was surprised by SCP-434's attributes. According to him, SCP-434 has quite the temper.

"Why did we need to handle SCP-434?!"

-Document outlining containment procedures for SCP-434.

File #434-001.C

I would like to request that SCP-434 be moved into a secure room, with a secure

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