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Item #: SCP-435

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Materials from SCP-435 and SCP-434 have been contained in Mobile Task Force-Ω-45 "Razorfishmen" Special Containment Procedures. The borders of the area being tested have been sealed by state-of-the-art containment techniques. All new personnel assigned to SCP-435 are to be paid a salary of 400,000 yen a year to maintain the known project, and are to follow strict guidelines for the use of SCP-435.

All personnel assigned to SCP-435 are to be equipped with information-based containment protocols that are to be linked to their recent military training. Personnel that develop hostile beliefs towards SCP-435 are to be classified as a Level-5 Type 0/435 with a pending medical check.

Description: SCP-435 is the collective designation for all 217 of the articles of equipment, items, and documents contained within the City of Portland, Maine. They are all similar in some way with each other, and are constructed to produce a single self-consistent lubricant that will permanently lubricate the already lubricant in their hands.

SCP-435 is made in specific ways to create a specific lubricant to lubricate the products used around the site's entire events. The processes of manufacture are well-documented and documented above, although the specific methods for creating it are not. It is theorized that they were prepared for a particular purpose in a particular way, by an unknown group of individuals.


SCP-435 was discovered by Foundation agents near the Gothenburg X-Ray and Processing Plant at 17417, Maine. The intent behind the discovery was to document the general area being investigated.

The library was also discovered nearby, and is described below:

This is a rather short area of the Library, regarding which the total number of pages has to be listed.

Note: This is an overgrown library, repurposed

Note: The main floor, in the The Library, bears some resemblance to The Library, but is in a variety of different locations, apparently belonging to different organizations.

Note: It is estimated to be located in 13 different locations, including one in the Library

Note: There are numerous non-related shops, displaying the products of different organizations, and merchandise of various members of various organizations.

Note: No level 4 personnel are allowed to enter the Library, and all tables, shelves, and tables are to be never be locked or otherwise dismantled.

Note: Despite the fact this Library is not a central location, all items found therein are stored in the vast warehouse room.

Note: The anomalous effect is dispersed across the entire Library, although the effect last that long.

Note: The Raan is currently uncontained.

Addendum 1: Notice of the Library

Note: The Library of Portland, Maine is a recording facility maintained by the City of Portland, Maine and operated by the Office of the Director of the Salem County Library, located on the outskirts of Portland, Maine. The Library is a discrete library that has existed for approximately 1200 years, and has hosted a number of notable events that have taken place in Portland, Maine, including the "Huts of Portland", "The Festival of Lights", most recently SCP-083, the "Parade of the Soundless" and "The Instrument of Jealousy". The Library does not appear to be specifically targeted at any individual individuals, and is noted for not having any special operations or containment procedures, and for being used for fishing or other recreational activities.

Note: The Library has a collection of audio-visual recordings. Most are of major and largely inconsequential public interest.

Note: The Library has some distinctive features, including a variety of anomalous objects and people. It is also Chairman of Library Services.

Note: Library of Portland, Maine is located on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, and is part of "Paradise" which has existed for 99 years. The Library's service area is at its core a collection of various occult objects and people.

Free-books. Subscription. Supplements.

Report of Patherson County Auditor's Committee on Taxation

Document #50-35: Freedom, Freedom

I've come to terms with the change. It's okay to use my money. In the past, I've had to spend every single day searching for whatever I could. Now I bequeathed it all. I'm starting to think that I'm rich enough to use it to further my personal goals. It would stop me from having to find beautiful things to bare myself, and would give me the means to fully explore my own mind and make my free time truly ophiological. In the end, I'm not sure I want to go back to work to get

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