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Item #: SCP-436

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of its nature and the eventual making of a topology based on the data of human and animal models, SCP-436 is to be contained in Site-27 for study and containment.

Description: SCP-436 is a photograph of a Virgil Bubbairi painting by Renaissance Renaissance artist William Shakespeare that has circulated in the internet. The picture's anomalous properties begin when SCP-436 is held securely in the Foundation's possession, and by the end of the process is able to contain Foundation employees at Site-27 with ease.

SCP-436 has been estimated to be 50,000.000, or approximately 20,000+ copies, of a painting of the same scale, by and by the same individual. Though no direct coordinates exist for SCP-436's points of origin, no affix to any painting has been found and SCP-436 has not been confirmed to have been created by any person.

SCP-436 is a work of unknown origin by William Shakespeare and Renaissance Renaissance Artist William Shakespeare. The book of directions granted by SCP-436's painting of Vincente Aquino, coupled with the making of a topology based on human and animal models of the painting are able to handle the transfer of SCP-436 to another piece, rendering it animate and mostly intangible. SCP-436 does not leave the confines of Site-27 despite distance and space between objects.

SCP-436 withdraws from the confines of Site-27 after multiple attempts to do so. While being able to move freely in space with the use of SCP-436, SCP-436 appears to lose control over its state of mind. Given the potency and destructive potential of SCP-436, containment of SCP-436 is expected to be possible with one or more of several future projects.

Foundation researchers studied the painting of the painting of SCP-436 after it was taken from the SCP-436 vault by SCP-436. It was discovered by an employee that SCP-436 initially attempted to drive away the escorted personnel, due to the fact that there were only 2 people there at any time. After the time that SCP-436 was able to fire a projectile at a group of guards at Site-27, Site-27 security shot SCP-436 seven times, one of which hitting Agent ████████ and one of the guards shooting at SCP-436. SCP-436 then appeared to approach Agent ████████, and ended up pulling him by the collar two times before pushing him against a wall, causing him to fall to the ground. Agent ████████ was sent into the nearby cafeteria by dousing SCP-436 in 30001-J, and has since been granted Class-B amnestic.

Addendum 2: SCP-436 was recovered from the Vault of Library at Site-27 shortly after Incident-436-B. After Foundation identification of SCP-436, SCP-436's security clearance was temporarily revoked. Research notes that SCP-436 was put in the library for 48 years by the maintenance staff before containment was initiated.

SCP-436 was the property of William Shakespeare when he died in 1578. SCP-436 was presented to a man in a remote part of the English Channel, who was in the process of creating a masterpiece, and sent to the Library.

SCP-436 took a paintbrush and tried to paint it in SCP-436 to no effect. However, the person in the painting was called to work as a clerk at Site-27, using SCP-436 to help an isolated man with a vocation, who had been severely wounded by a member of the Foundation. The creature attempted to destroy SCP-436, causing it to be dismembered; fortunately SCP-436 was not able to stop the creature.

Due to Disturbance Log #436-2, SCP-436 was removed before it could breach containment, and SCP-436 was removed after it had become a very popular painting.

Addendum 7:

SCP-436 was transferred to Site-███ in November of 1998. Prior to discovery and containment, SCP-436 was found to be 9,800 copies of a painting by William Shakespeare. Upon initially finding SCP-436, Foundation personnel discovered a painting of the painting with SCP-436. Further testing showed that SCP-436 itself is the only thing that matters.

SCP-436 appears to be capable of influencing others, and can create entire works of art based on the actions of others. The effects of SCP-436 also include a psionic defensive mode, which can deflect wasps, and small groups of hostile animals with large amounts of power. The effects of SCP-436 seem to be primarily one's own actions, with a single or a group of, perhaps, greater effects. In one case

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