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Item #: SCP-438

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All forms of SCP-438 are to be stored in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Personnel wishing to use SCP-438 or a variant of SCP-438 in testing must require approval of Dr. ██████ for testing. Any Foundation personnel that have already used SCP-438 or SCP-438-1 for testing must be cleared for this. Containment of SCP-438-A and above requires the cooperation of all involved parties. As a precaution, SCP-438-A and above are to be stored in the battery room of the currently-containment Site-██. If any personnel, including Dr. ██████, fails to comply in SCP-438-A and above containment procedures, SCP-438-B and above containment procedures will be adhered to.

Mind-Affecting matter which has been exposed to SCP-438 receives an immediate physiological response. This originally manifests at the time of exposure as a self-mutilating, sickening, and sometimes violent personality transformation of the subject. The target of this transformation will usually be a coworker of the target of the change. Due to SCP-438-A and SCP-438-A's inherent risk and reprisal, no testing with SCP-438 for this purpose is allowed. It is recommended that testing with SCP-438-B and above are carried out with someone else in mind.

In the event that SCP-438 is exposed to more than 6.5 grams (1/4the original weight of SCP-438) of actual matter, SCP-438-B and above are to be placed in secure storage in the storage room of Site-██. At least 2 (1) Level 2 personnel with Level 3 or above clearance are to accompany SCP-438-A and SCP-438-A, as appropriate.

Description: SCP-438 is a combination of a yellow neon sign reading "Thank you for Smoking" and an object of various shapes made of teal material. It is made of teal material that consists of a series of letters and code words. During testing, all other letters are turned into a variety of teal color (explained below).

SCP-438-A Symbol


This is a list of all letters of SCP-438-A, and their color codes.

Testing Log: Testing with SCP-438-A started with testing with SCP-438-A. Since its initial test with SCP-438-A, SCP-438-A has been biologically active and successfully turned into various other colors besides teal. Notably, SCP-438-A has tried to turn its own color into teal, and has even created simple game objects made of different colors. SCP-438-A has also been able to make a stationary, rainbow colored table that are comparable in coloration to a rainbow, to mimic inanimate objects.

SCP-438-A has proven to be very intelligent and has been able to perform numerous tasks that were previously impossible with regular telepathic communication. SCP-438-A has been able to create various objects such as candy and cocktail cups. SCP-438-A is also capable of creating toys, toys, and similar products, such as the Happy Hailey Marthall Adventure Compound.

SCP-438-A is now capable of communicating with the person that it is communicating with, and currently prefers to be referred to as SCP-438-A-1. Diagnosis of SCP-438-A-1 is to be performed by an on-site person, at least one security guard, a Foundation Agent, and at least 1 Foundation neurotrophinologist (whose rank is currently unconfirmed). SCP-438-A-1 must wear a Class B hazmat suit when interacting with SCP-438-A.

SCP-438-A-1's (now known as SCP-438-A-2) primary goal is to 'help' others in a physical sense, but this does not always align with their humanity. Once exposed to SCP-438-A-2 for a period of time, SCP-438-A-1 may become self-mutilating, sickening, violent, or even, on some occasions, possess an anomalous, unbeatable, or whatever that SCP-438-A objects to.

SCP-438-A-2 has been known to be active on a weekly basis in an attempt to assist each other in some way. This is done by inserting the inside of their flesh into each other's connective tissue, locking their lips together, or whatever they're currently doing. All attempts at this have been met with failure.

SCP-438-A-2 is known to be obsessed with children, children's toys, hobbies, clothing, even children's books. SCP-438-A-2 has been known to accompany SCP-438

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