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Item #: SCP-439

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-439 is currently contained in a high containment cell at Site-██. Due to its isolation, the containment chamber is to be kept in working order at all times, and is to be activated whenever SCP-439 is below five (5) kilograms. No personnel are to enter the containment chamber except in full body protective suits.

Description: SCP-439 is a male poodle, ████, of Northwest Rome, ██. Test results indicated that SCP-439 is not male, but rather that it has undergone catamorphosis. The subject has a number of anomalous physical modifications that seem to have been inspired by other forms of media, most notably the creation of a wholly unrivalled amount of paint.

Most of the alterations taken place within SCP-439's body. These include:

•the appearance of eight (8) separate entities (hereafter SCP-439-A, -B, -C, -D, -E), standing above and below SCP-439.

•the rendering of SCP-439's body as a piece of low skill custom piece design, possibly belonging to one or more of the aforementioned entities.

•the creation of an additional set of eyes in this area.

•The apparent accumulation of numerous objects and a number of similar forms of ornament.

•The apparent death of a number of Foundation personnel, all appearing to have been killed by SCP-439-A.

•The seemingly unlimited power granted to to SCP-439, which it uses to construct and drive down objects.

•The apparent granting of SCP-439 the ability to create SCP-439-A through -B, using fluid, conceptual and organic materials, and attempting to spread them around SCP-439-A.

It has been noted that SCP-439 has the undeniable support of male personnel, and is generally is cooperative with supervision. SCP-439 has also been used as a personal vehicle, and has produced several prototypes.

SCP-439 can be safely contained using the following safe protocols, as outlined by the Foundation.

•SCP-439 is to be supported with a standard shielding compound, and is to be surrounded by two (2) 4kg polyethylene bars, which are to be placed in the containment cell and protected from the elements.

•SCP-439 is to be equipped with a standard working television remote control, transmitter and antenna. This is to be connected to a wall-mounted power station containing a standard power supply to operate the television, as well as a trunk opening mechanism of sufficient size.

•SCP-439 is to be protected from any form of physical force by a soft ball which it is to place with a light source. An automatic cycle of the ball is to be maintained for one (1) hour, with the output of the cycle set to 0-14 minutes, depending on time spent in SCP-439-A.

•SCP-439 is to be furnished with a standard bathing suit, towel and brushing kit, while outside of the containment room is to be kept in a sealed chamber.

•Description of SCP-439 is to be restricted to those who possess at least a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After Incident SCP-439-1, SCP-439 has been assigned a sleeping quarters, provided with any necessary furniture, and is to be kept out of direct sunlight at all times. Staff are to be issued hazmat suits for any ill effects from exposure to SCP-439.

Description: SCP-439 appears to be a poodle of roughly ██ years, with evenly-altered fur and a 3mm thick coat. The subject is unable to speak, and displays the ability to breathe naturally. SCP-439 also displays the ability to alter its body according to its will. While in this state, the body of an otherwise healthy living dog typically exhibits the same physical properties of respectable dogs (with the exception of the base of the tail hair coming from the top of the subject's head, and the body front being slightly shaded - see document SCP-439-1 for more information), however, some dogs would show greater variability in their physical properties at this time.

The object noted above is a paintbrush, apparently designed for use on dogs in the town of ████, █████ ████, Australia, using the same color/size as ordinary paint. The object has been seen before on SCP-4406, and has not only been used on dogs, but joints, household objects (including furniture, toys, and lawn chairs), and plants and trees in the surrounding area as well (see document SCP-4406-A for more information).

SCP-4406-A is a green and brown, medium-sized cat that emits a low-pitched, non-anomalous screeching sound when disturbed. This noise is only

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