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Item #: SCP-440

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-440 is contained in a vault in Site-███. The containment chamber is to be kept maintained at a temperature of at least 30C and maintained via heat lamps, though personal ventilation systems are to be added into the room at all times.

Description: SCP-440 is a fine leather belt with a tanned, brown design. The belt contains a silver brass drawstring in the form of a long screwdriver. The drawstring has no special material and appears to function as normal.

If a subject touches SCP-440 within the vicinity of the amnestic, the amount of time between the time they touch SCP-440 is to be elevated by one month. This is to be enforced in all cases where the subject should not be within the amnestic's effect duration.

If the subject died under a controlled environment, SCP-440 will appear to disappear during the resulting amnestic usage. However, the subject will occasionally mysteriously reappear in their dormitory during testing.

If the subject experienced a self-terminating death, SCP-440 will reappear in their place within the affected person's body. This does not occur when the subject has dead bodies.

Testing of SCP-440 in the presence of a dead body results in the disappearance of the object.


Scrapped female chicken covered in methamphetamine residue in containment area.

SCP-440 has no anomalous properties when present.

Addendum-1: Test Log:


Subject: D-1878, an unemployed and unemployed female soldier stationed in Europe.

Subject: Dragon.

Results: SCP-440 disappeared without incident. Three days later, crew of SCP-440 began to notice fire around entrance to their quarters. The fire turned to flames after walking up and down the hallway. Upon activating SCP-440, the fire was extinguished. The crew was calmly re-transformed into an unprecedented dark-blue humanoid form. The subject was not made aware of this change until the ship began to emerge and rupture. It was discovered that the person who was in contact with SCP-440 had been killed by the explosion, and the subject was found inside SCP-440's containment chamber.

After several minutes, the Subject emerged into the inferno. As Subject was getting charred and was beginning to lose effectiveness, Foundation agents arrived to the situation and shattered the containment door. Subject was found in the same room as previously encountered SCP-440.

Subject was reported to be inconsolable. SCP-440 was found to remain undamaged upon destruction of containment.

Addendum-2: Interview(s):

InterviewbyDr. ███████



InterviewwithaDr. ███████, a researcher working for the Foundation.

Dr. ███████: Hello, myself. Do you remember me?

D-1878: Oh no.

Dr. ███████: My name is Dr. ███████, and I'm here to talk to you. Please understand that I'm not authorized to interview you. Okay?

D-1878: You can't just ask me questions like that. You know, it's not actually difficult.

Dr. ███████: Well, good. Now, tell me about the undead. Are we—do you know what the ancient Egyptians called them?

D-1878: Ancient Egyptians called them "deadies". They only moved when they were summoned. Death was considered a neutralising force in their society.

Dr. ███████: Notable in this culture generally?

D-1878: Very. I lived in a house of life. I could speak the old language.

Dr. ███████: Mr. D-1878, can you describe the process of becoming an undead creature?

D-1878: Sure. For example, give me the ball and I'll make the shape of a human. Then I will ask the dead, when was the last time a person stopped moving?

Dr. ███████: It was a topic of consideration. You mentioned earlier that you had knowledge of ancient Egyptian customs, so I believe that you have knowledge of how the process of becoming a skeletal or undead entity is performed, as well as your knowledge of how to go about becoming one.

D-1878: I don't want to talk about it.

Dr. ███████: If you don't, I'm sure that you can tell me about the process.

D-1878: That's the problem. I don't know how I did it, but you know what? It's cool.

Dr. ███████: Mr. D-18

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