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Item #: SCP-441

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Research has started on SCP-441, formerly an abandoned █████ ██████ school and █████ █████████ Project-’s staff member, but has been abandoned for ██████.

SCP-441 was discovered in ██████, Arizona. Agent ██████, Site-███’s liaison to the Foundation, was tasked with overseeing and treating the crime scene. After Agent ██████ fell ill and's term was finished, a craftman was called to subdue SCP-441 and take it back to Site-███.

Agent █████, who had previously been employed as an Assistant Primary Care Physician, was currently assigned as the liaison of the Foundation Foundation’s Local Police Department. Agent ██████ was credited with performing the initial interviews, although the police officers involved in the investigation had been reprimanded for inappropriate behavior.

Agent ██████’s car was found in the basement of the █████ ██████ School. Agent ██████ had gone missing in ██████, and Agent ██████ had left SCP-441 in the car, waiting for repairs. Agent ██████ had disappeared, and SCP-441 had been covered with paint. Agent ██████ had later been re-possessed during Foundation cleaning of the building's basement. SCP-441 had been vandalized, and its interior had been refinished.

Agent ██████ was denied a nurse to attempt to contact Site-███. Agent ██████ had left SCP-441 for several weeks.

In the absence of Agent ███████, Agent ██████ was assigned to the area, until the tracking equipment showed his presence. Three days after Agent ██████ disappeared, Site-███ was equipped with tracking equipment to track agents, and Agent ██████ was located in ██████. Agent ██████ was remanded to Site-███ for treatment, and studies revealed that he had been under the influence of ███████’s drugs. Agent ██████ was arrested by local police and his car towed to Foundation custody.

The drug had been recovered from Agent ██████’s residence, a concrete house in the ████████ neighborhood, located some time before ██████ returned to Site-███. On ██/██/199█ Agent ██████ was sentenced to death by a [REDACTED] with ██████████, and administered liquid [REDACTED]. On ██/██/199█, Agent ██████ was found in an abandoned ███████ cemetery holding a wooden hammer by his foot. SCP-441 was missing its hands, and Agent ██████ had been murdered. SCP-441 was recovered in ██████, ██████, but was not found inside, or its container, for five years.

Addendum-001: The following sections were marked with the word “Foundation” or “Foundation”; classification decisions based on content of the materials immediately preceding it have been compared to material taken from materials taken from SCP-███ and SCP-███.

Modified Documentation

Item #: SCP-447-2

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-447-2 has been relocated to Site-██.

The installation of SCP-447-2 under current Foundation control is to be kept low-profile. New SCP-447-2 is to be developed where each new instance is located. Individual instances of SCP-447-2 with different forms are to be tracked by Foundation personnel, with distinction to SCP-447-2.

Description: SCP-447-2 is a lump of concrete, next to a statue depicting a mummified human foot. The inside of the containment chamber contains an incinerator, which is to remain on a nearby flat surface, unless administered lethal force. A small buffer area has been established around the incinerator to facilitate further investigation.

SCP-447-2 contains a gas and carbine, both of which are activated by the ignition of a cartridge loaded with a black powder cartridge. Water is leaked from the chamber through what appears to be an inner hatch in the top of the slide to into a standard chamber approximately 1.6m in diameter. The contents of SCP-447-2 are a large number of [REDACTED] liquidated exotic pets and toys, ranging from mammals to dinosaurs, birds, various calendrical objects, and synth toys. More on these items later in Document F-001.

SCP-447-2 had been abandoned since its initial containment. It is now kept by Foundation personnel in the camphouse at Site-██. The item is to be given a daily regimen of two MREs of military grade vending machines. It is to be fed a diet of low-calorie meals

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