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Item #: SCP-442

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-442 requires only one unit and one arm for movement, and is to be kept in a secure storage room at Site-███. This room is to be monitored by Foundation personnel for changes in temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. If any changes in these conditions are detected, SCP-442 is to be removed from the room immediately.

Description: SCP-442 is a red nylon bookmark, approximately 12cm (5 in)) in length but measuring ½.4cm (1 in) (10 centimeters) in width, with a single black mark on its edge, inscribed with an image of a clenched fist. It is made of white oak wood, and has been painted with an unknown pigment on the back.

Evidence of the painting on SCP-442's edges is consistent with a gold-rimmed fist on a red oak block. No other paint is present on SCP-442's other side.

SCP-442 is imprinted with the phrase, "Keep your cock tungsten." Interpretation of the phrase has been limited to a variety of explanations of wanting to protect it, but no one explanation has ever run more through a happy sigh.

While the morality of the message is questionable (see Interview 42-A), the message itself is definitely noteworthy. While the modern age is being tested by the Foundation (via surveillance of individuals who read the book, and/or SCP-442), it has yet to lead to any major incident, it has provided consistent results in both containment and experimentation.


Interviewed: SCP-442

Interviewer: Agent Thomas M Forooh

Forooh: Since we have been given to understand your tattoos, we'll ask you some questions about this. Can you please tell us about your tattoos in order to better understand what has occurred here?

SCP-442: Sure. My dad is from France and my mom from England. We've been together for most of our lives as a family. My sister grew up in France, my brother and I grew up in England. We'd play baseball a lot, and she'd steal me balls. I was, uh, a little bit of a pitcher, and my sister and I would play God. I won't say she was perfect, but that seems to be the basic essence of the game.

"I'm and they're and they're not. And they are perfect."

"I'm not saying you should be as perfect as her. But perfect is still better than bad. We're Brothers of the Tree, not just any tree."

"I'm sorry, but that's not quite my point. Your point is that humans are fundamentally flawed. No one can live the most perfect life, and therefore no one should be allowed to die."

"That's not what I'm saying! The only perfect people I know are the last, oh, five people on Earth. Live the most perfect life."

"You're not as perfect as your sister, but you're still a part of the solution! Living the most perfect life has never been really about that, is it? I guess that's what you're trying to argue against! Well, I don't know, maybe you're right, but I've never met you, so you might just be wrong."

Forooh: Please continue. Please describe the nature of the tattoos and whether or not your tattoos are fully functioning on your body.

SCP-442: Ah, well, I don't really think about that. I'm actually not supposed to answer that part. It's hard to explain, but myself and my sister have been things that connect people. We move a lot, but we're also brothers, and so when something goes our way, we put ourselves first.

"But that also doesn't mean that we don't try to move our own things. Gotcha."

"Think of it like that. It makes you both better at what you do. We're Fives, so we all belong to something. We are all our own selves, so that even when we have a disagreement, we still have a place to go. Sometimes we'll go on a tangent that will lead to an argument I'm not likely to try and resolve. But it doesn't mean we don't have the same goal."

Forooh: Do you elaborate?

SCP-442: Ah, well, unfortunately, yes. We try to leave no stone unturned, every so often. Sometimes we won't get out of the way of each other's goal. Other times, we might never get there.

"But that doesn't make us and each other perfect. We also cannot live in perfect harmony. He shouldn't

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