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Item #: SCP-443

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-443 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 53. Due to the complex nature of SCP-443's abilities, there is no lock on the door to the containment room. However, a door to the containment room is to be guarded by security personnel assigned to SCP-443. SCP-443 is to be given reduced-level access to personnel who have been through a physical or psychological trauma. Because SCP-443 is capable of using its anomalous abilities with all objects, the containment chamber is not to be left open for more than one hour.

Any attempts to enter the containment room without authorization are to be met with deadly force.

Description: SCP-443 is an older man who possesses a number of anomalous properties. SCP-443, when given a pretty amazing desk with the standard office furniture, is capable of changing the appearance of all types of objects within 100 meters, including those of persons with permanent wounds. The ability to change objects on contact is not considered anomalous unless it has at most one effect that occurs a minimum of ██ hours after SCP-443's skin is exposed to them.

SCP-443 is capable of returning the appearance of any object it has touched with his hands, or perhaps that of any other person. Most commonly, this includes furniture such as a desk, dresser, chair, or telephone. After a period of time, SCP-443's breasts and genitals will be replaced with natives. Because of this, SCP-443 is capable of being a very sexy woman. SCP-443 will usually show off her body to anyone who will listen. However, SCP-443 is also able to create chairs, beds, and even desks and chairs. The desks will keep the tables in the center of the room, and will usually be smaller than the rooms. Upon arriving on a desk, SCP-443 will plant a chair, table, or other top-quality furniture. SCP-443 will always be more knowledgeable concerning the process involved in creating the pieces than anyone else on staff.

Should SCP-443 be confronted with a situation that would require him to be a woman, he will typically choose not to say anything, preferring to stay to himself and to not tell anyone. However, if confronted with an instance of sexual violence that would lead to the death of SCP-443, he will become sexually aroused, and will furiously attempt to seduce whoever would be the most likely/friendly to her. This is usually in the form of a seduction, while SCP-443 is more careful to avoid revealing their true feelings.

When SCP-443 comes into direct physical contact with a part of another person, they will develop the ability to use their ability with other humans. These members of the family become known as SCP-443-1 or SCP-443-2. It is difficult to tell the difference between a person, a mother, or a daughter of a SCP-443-1 instance; the former subjects are referred to as SCP-443-2.

SCP-443-2 are members of a family of D-class personnel who are able to serve as SCP-443's main companions, such as listening to him, reading his journal, or even listening to his voice. They are normally quite gregarious and often don't mind being held down. However, when they are subjected to physical pain or want to talk, they become even more active in their attempts to make conversation, with the goal of cognition and professional development.

Should a member of SCP-443's family be stressed, anxious, or otherwise unable to "come to terms with" SCP-443's abilities, the SCP-443-2 will instead try to escape and to do so with the nearest member of SCP-443's family. These instances tend to be situated in a small room or in the shape of a wall. It is theorized that the resulting laughter gives SCP-443-2 insight into his wife's past. It also serves to keep SCP-443 under constant surveillance. When SCP-443's ability to revert objects on contact is used to change objects made of materials normally covered by tissue, the effects come on in a very rapid rapid and violent manner; as long as no physical constraints are placed upon SCP-443, he will continue to be "madly" preoccupied with the task. Once it is a status quo of course.

In addition, SCP-443's ability to change objects in the presence of others is possibly more powerful, and has several more unusual characteristics. The only condition that SCP-443 was brought into contact with other human beings or human beings by using its abilities was a certain letter from the Foundation. Adding that this would have been the letter that was the criterion for SCP-443-1 to be delivered to the site of SCP-443's containment.

SCP-443 was originally found in the site of the

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