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Item #: SCP-445

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-445 is to be kept in standard security locker in Site 5 at any time, protected with Level-3 security and observation. SCP-445 is to be supplied with high-energy refuse recycling nitrogen hydrochloric acid per Dr. Fox. Any food produced from the object is to be provided to Researcher James, who is to eat all checked through products in Test Storage.

Description: SCP-445 is a roll of indigosigned cardboard identical to that of the standard Spider-Man™ toy. A sticker on the back states, "More of Spider-Man™!"

SCP-445 will appear in any open area if not restrained by two armed guards. In the case of containment failure, SCP-445 will attempt to escape, and when restrained will do so by threatening to kill every member of its species.

SCP-445 was recovered after spraying [REDACTED] with ████████. Dr. Kondraki was not harmed, and SCP-445 was euthanized.

Addendum: Despite appearing to behave and act like a pet, SCP-445 has not been observed to speak.

Addendum: SCP-445 was retrieved from the apartment of ███████ ████████ shortly before his death. A report from the landlord of ██████ informed authorities that SCP-445 needed to be bedded, and was kept in a standard containment chamber. The report was given to Dr. ████████ on ██/██/20██, and SCP-445 was captured after being removed from the room.

Addendum: SCP-445 was obtained from ████ ██████ ████████ shortly after his death. A report from ██████ ████████ revealed that ████ ████ had been found dead, after his former manager had previously dispensed ███████ Security. The Foundation successfully brought SCP-445 to the attention of Dr. Kondraki, who contacted the local police regarding a suspected suicide. SCP-445 was ultimately recovered.

Addendum: SCP-445 was retrieved from ███ ████ ████ shortly after the death of ████████ █████, near ███████████. SCP-445 was found in the kitchen of ████████ ██████, deceased on ██/██/20██.

Addendum: SCP-445 was found in ███████████, ████████████ early this morning, near ████████ ██. SCP-445 was found sleeping in SCP-445's containment chamber. SCP-445 was found to be decomposing in the kitchen of ████████ ██ at ██/█/██/20██, and had been re-attached to it in the event of an attempted escape.

Addendum: On ██/██/20██, a report by the ██████ █████ ██████ was found in the toilet of ████ ████████████, showing the dead body of ███████ ██████, ██████'s former manager, standing on a nearby table. There was also a note reading:

Hello ████████. You have a couple of good ideas for me, but you don't understand them either, nor do I. So far, I've just been locked in the hereafter. But that's not to say the object doesn't give me more ideas than I could take care of myself. -Dr. Kondraki

Addendum: SCP-445 has since been moved to a different room with security cameras to prevent potential abuse.

Addendum: SCP-445 has since been moved to the to/██/20██ containment chamber after previously surviving a 10-day period without food.

Addendum: SCP-445 was discovered in ████, ████████████, ██████. There was an information booth on ████████ street, apparently belonging to [REDACTED.] Research staff had been notified that SCP-445 was coming down to town. The desk and box of SCP-445 were located in a liquor store in Downtown ████████. The owner of the ███████ ████████████'s Liquor Store caused ██ deaths, and SCP-445 was found in the collection of SCP-445. The Foundation was alerted to the situation after ██ local police officers reported that someone had threatened to self-terminate. Termination was performed using SCP-445. Incident 3444-A was declared by Foundation agents.

Addendum: On ██/██/20██, I was on the phone with the local FBI and the local police when I was informed about a reported suicide. SCP-445 was presented to me as a weapon and held by [REDACTED] staff, who was then fired upon [REDACTED]. No other residents of the █

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