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Item #: SCP-446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-446 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment locker in the Personnel Wing of Site-38, and is allowed to explore its own method of escaping its cell. The test chamber is responsible for representing SCP-446 as a human inhabitant of pleasure, and attempts to keep SCP-446 from self-harm upon administration of Class-A amnestics are to be carried out. For the purposes of containment, either third party must remain in regular communication with SCP-446 in order to obtain a full transcript of its meetings with SCP-446.

Description: SCP-446 is a human male with an extremely large, marked nose and a long, slender mustache. SCP-446 has demonstrated a strong motivation towards anomalous behaviour, frequently creating disparate anomalous items from various objects on display in its cell.

SCP-446 is unable to handle any kind of food, or what it deems to be food, except humans, and has attacked various objects for effort and enjoyment. There are currently three extant photographs of SCP-446: a photograph of SCP-446 holding its hair up in a ponytail, a photograph of SCP-446 dining with a basket of fruit, and a photograph of SCP-446 in the dining room of a restaurant where it is getting greased with butter.

List of SCP-446's Items:

•SCP-446 Located in a room in an abandoned building. Although the object is able to move accurately in any direction, it does not seem to be able to see.

•A painting of SCP-446's face, with an apple painted inside.

•SCP-446's ear slot, in which it sings for a time.

Suggested Containment Procedures: SCP-446 is to be contained in a vague humanoid containment locker at Site-38. While it is not required to acknowledge the object it is observed to be made of, customary attitude towards SCP-446 is to be dissuaded by personnel. SCP-446 may be kept on its side of the containment chamber, immediately after being introduced to humanoid personnel. This may need to be done through a different method of transfer than in its original body.

SCP-446 does not suffer from disease or physical illness, and is easily sedated and amnesticised. Subject is to be fed a standard brand of blue-collas lunchpail kcal&r$, and are allowed to exercise full-body daily. Subject is to be kept on scheduled physical therapy and physiotherapy weekly at least four hours per day. Personnel with an uploaded copy of the Foundation Spiritual and Cultural Center-03 manual Are You an XK? may request to see SCP-446 for general therapy in the facility's primary area.

Addendum: SCP-446 has since been taxed to an extent that has switched between living in office and foraging for food in its cell.

Interviewed: SCP-446

Interviewer: Dr. K. J. Lee

Foreword: Interview was with SCP-446, due to an amnestic overdose. Interview was recorded in a secure, unmoderated area.

Dr. Lee: Hello, SCP-446.

Dr. Lee: Any questions?

SCP-446: No. [SCP-446 shakes its head] What?

Dr. Lee: O, no, no. The Foundation Spiritual and Cultural Center building, the other identity I'd like you to draw for me?

SCP-446: No, uh, speaking of identity, I have a lot to say.

Dr. Lee: Everything?

SCP-446: It was rad. It even had an event I could make fun of, like the one about the blue-colla lunchpails, or whatever that one was called in the room.

Dr. Lee: Oh, uh, sorry, but I'm sure that's all I'll be able to say.

Dr. Lee: No problem. Hold on, I've made a note to notify you about this.

SCP-446: It's on my desk. I've shown it to you. I'm a human. I like me. I like me. If I were to draw some kind of cross, I'd have a cross drawn on it, but as it is, I'd draw "fraggle".

Dr. Lee: That sounds nice. That sounds good. [SCP-446 hums, to itself at this point] I like fraggle.

SCP-676: It's funny, I can't say I've seen anything like that before. See, that's one of my trademark.

Dr. Lee: I always write things down and then, well, I'll draw them.

SCP-676: What?

Dr. Lee

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