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Item #: SCP-447

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-447's status as a Used object, disposal is discretionary.

Description: SCP-447 is a set of photographic, drawings, and images originally published in the SCP magazine. The Foundation is unaware of SCP-447's exact source.

When SCP-447 is compared to a standard image, the image presented will trigger an autonomous persistent reaction under the hypothesis that the object was taken from a work of art by Mr. ████ or his executors, due to the similarities between the two.

Fifty five cases of SCP-447-1 have been discovered to date, deceased over a period of ██ to ██ days. Recovered photographs show Mr. ████'s work and paintings, which are reproduced as working sculptures on the photographs. No trace of Mr. ████'s work has been found on SCP-447's surface.

The works listed in this document represent recreation of superficial elements of Mr. ████. In addition, many of them display the same garish and ill-intentioned imagery. In his own personal statement, the artist was generous with his memories and efforts to preserve and recreate his work and paintings.

SCP-447 contains the contents of the following folders:


Designated SCP-447-1A1B,17

Designated SCP-447-1B2,18,23,24,25.

Designated SCP-447-1C1B2,19,20,21,22,23,24 and 25.

Designated SCP-447-1D1,22,23,24,25,26,27.

Designated SCP-447-1E1,1F1F2F1F1F1F1F1F1F1F1F1F2F1F-1F2F2F1F1F2F1F2F1F1F2F1F2F1F1F5

Designated SCP-447-1F5,1F2F2F1F1F1F2F1F6,1F2F2F1F1F2F1F7,1F2F2F1F1F8,1F2F1F1F2F1F9,1F2F1F1F2F1F1F10,1F2F1F1F1F1A3

Designated SCP-447-1A3)

Designated SCP-447-1A4)

Designated SCP-447-1B3)

Designated SCP-447-1C3)

Designated SCP-447-1D3)

Designated SCP-447-1D4)

Designated SCP-447-1D5

Designated SCP-447-1D6

Designated SCP-447:

Status unknown.

SCP-447-1A1B is the log of an altercation between Mr. ████ and SCP-447. SCP-447 reveals itself to be an instance of SCP-447-1B1, and immediately attempts to attack Mr. ████ with a hammer. SCP-447 cannot be harmed directly, although what it is currently carrying can be transferred to a suitable object by its own means. It is composed of various materials which have not yet been described in detail, including plastic, metal, glass, and leather.


SCP-447-1B1A2: It was only the result of something, but it could be expected.

SCP-447-1B1A1: It was there to correct the previous two mistakes.

SCP-447-1B1: How wrong you are!

SCP-447-1B1: It was the wise man who came to me, it would be the wise man who correct your next mistake.

SCP-447-1B1: Wrong, you are also the wise man who corrected our previous error.

SCP-447-1B1: Very well, your next mistake is to return the exception of the rules.

SCP-447-1B1: I will not be enough.

SCP-447-1B1: I will not ask what you mean.

SCP-447-1B1: Then what will you be?

SCP-447-1B1: It is not my place to decide what I am.

SCP-447-1B1: Then I will not put any boundaries on you.

SCP-447-1B1: I will give you boundaries.

SCP-447-1B1: You will not

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