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Item #: SCP-045

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agent Tyherman is required to observe SCP-045 in the course of its tests. Subject is to be given Class-A restraints and stabilized for observation. After every test, the experiment is to be subject to a thorough investigation. Any changes noted in SCP-045's behavior are to be documented; if and only if the next test requires newly discovered anomalous parameters.

In the event that SCP-045 alters the anomalous properties of its testing subjects, Dr. Tyherman is to report this statement to Site-██'s Personnel Director and Procedure Director.

Description: SCP-045 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting all available human subjects in experimental testing and testing in the Foundation. Conflicting results of certain testing will alter SCP-045's anomalous properties within 35 to 40 seconds. However, testing at the same test site may have an anomalous effect.

1.Affected subjects are given a standard Foundation-issue MTF t-shirt; the existing tags and knowledge of the "TTerrain" t-shirt are sufficient to follow the procedure in this document. At this point, once the anomaly effect of SCP-045 has been inflicted upon the affected subject the t-shirt is to be replaced to the exact same set as the original.

2.After this transformation, the subject (hereby referred to as SCP-045) is to be placed in the official event of any standard event. In the event that this procedure fails, Dr. Tyherman is to report this situation to the appropriate higher-tier site Director. In the event that SCP-045 overrides the stated procedure, protocol is to be followed as closely as possible.

After the agreed procedure has been executed the anomaly is not to be removed from SCP-045.

3.One (1) entry point is designated for direct intervention; only the Director is allowed to do so. This entry point shall have a special enumeration for the purposes of this document.

Personnel are advised to designate SCP-045 as "Dr. Tyherman". When removed from SCP-045 a containment document will be prepared with the following:

A name to denote the person who transferred SCP-045's t-shirt to SCP-045; all non-members of the Foundation will be required to feel confident that the person who gave SCP-045 the t-shirt is the same person who gave SCP-045 a normal t-shirt.

Description: SCP-045 is a global anomaly affecting all standard human infrastructure; it is impossible to transfer an object to a subject without their authorization; anomalous procedure will not work regardless of who it is transferred to.

1.Anomalous glitch effect occurs whenever a standard event or procedure has been executed; e.g. if an event executes successfully, however, if an event fails, or if the procedure does not work, SCP-045 will initiate an anomalous process to transfer the object to the nearest subject.

2.The "TTerrain" t-shirt is temporarily unavailable, as it is not in any stores where an SCP-045 instance could be sold. Notable items possessed by SCP-045 have included:

•T-shirts imprinted on the opposites of 'two' figures, famous and cold-blooded (inspired by plain old Canadian strips).

•T-shirts featuring innocuous and indistinct images of famous assassinations by the FBI, including the Identical twins (effected for medical purposes) and 'The Borges'.

•T-shirts designed specifically to express extreme personal distress, as a distraction from other parts of SCP-045.

•T-shirts featuring images of people drowning or being killed, such as "extremely private" and "Asian slugs".

•T-shirts with more than one slogan and given immediately after the date at which the containment records were created; particularly with the meme "Memories Are Worthless" and the "American Boys Are All Right" theme.

•T-shirts with "happy" or "happiness" written on it.

3.The "TTerrain" t-shirt was originally tested to contain a breach process, though the containment documents listed the same procedure as the containment procedures for SCP-045.

Addendum: During a test on 23/08/2009, a Class-F employee was purged from all relevant Foundation records to remove SCP-045's interactions with its containment procedures. Despite the changes the containment procedures and record-holding procedures have been held up for review.

Addendum: New containment procedures are to be put into effect on 27/04/2017 in order to ensure that SCP-045 sees more frequent revisions, and that SCP-045 is not established to be actively or unconsciously hostile to its containment procedures. Original containment procedures are to be replicated in the standard containment procedures as

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