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Item #: SCP-046

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-046-A is not to be contained on-site. In the event that SCP-046-B is released, the containment unit for SCP-046-B is to be upgraded to that of a secondary containment unit. In the event that SCP-046-B releases SCP-046-C without prior approval, Mobile Task Force Mu-5 is to conduct a thorough check of SCP-046-B's containment unit. SCP-046-B is to be deemed dangerous if SCP-046-B works as described in the Incident Report 46-I, and is to be terminated immediately upon discovery of weak defences.

Description: SCP-046-A is the designation for one (1) serial photograph of Suzy Nakayama. The photograph identifies both SCP-046-B and SCP-046-C. SCP-046-B is a female Caucasian aged over 30 years. SCP-046-C is the designation for SCP-046-B.

The photograph shows SCP-046-B twisting the photograph side by side to show SCP-046-C, and a staff member helping to undo it with pliers.

Addendum 46-I: Incident 46-I

On 12/7/2017 at 03:13, the following text appeared on SCP-046-B.

Site Director Uchida: Do you recognise Suzy Nakayama?

SCP-046-B: Yes, I do.

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