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Item #: SCP-451

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-451 is held at Site-███ and is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at all times. The cell is to be equipped with a digital video feed, video camera, and a soundproofing system. Documents submitted to the senior researcher are to be closed, as are any attachments or materials available to Bio-Studies staff. A computer is to be kept running under the Material-Laboratory Subject Connection; any personnel using the software are to be checked for anomalous or otherwise disturbing behavior.

Description: SCP-451 is a sack of paper that is approximately 15cm x 10cm x 6.22cm in size. The shape of the paper is a cylinder of yellow white ink that no longer has ink cartridges inserted in it. The effect of this object is to entice any subject inside the subject it is putting the paper into with the word "Let's Go!" written on it. All subjects then directly enter the subject control panel from the outside of the door and are offered a copy of SCP-451.

The object may also be used as an illegal drug, and is addictive, so that those who have ingested it continue to be too pleased with it to tell anyone about it. Further tests have proven that it is effective in causing depression and relief from stress without any neurological associated symptoms.

SCP-451 was recovered from the abandoned lair of the ████████ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████ ████ ████ ███ ████ ██████ ████████ ████ ████ ████, and when administered to a subject with severe depression, prompted by the word "Let's Go!" (the object was confiscated), subjects reported a sudden improvement in their mood and an inability to stop engaging in any activity from that point on.

If SCP-451 is administered to a subject with a mental condition that causes it to obsess about SCP-451, subjects will report a sudden decision to stop participating in their daily activities: SCP-451 will induce deep, uncontrollable euphoria, and their symptoms of depression will improve, with any given day feeling like someone is "in control", and the chances of returning to the subject in question appear slim to none. Some subjects also feel that any other event caused by the object also causes that sensation to be a little more prominent; however, other subjects report that no such event exists.

Once the subject shows signs of an abnormality and a change in behavior, SCP-451 can be used to "seduce" subjects with a specific condition and use them as a tool to "seduce" others with the same condition into domination. In the event of this object being used for this purpose, subjects will experience the sensation of being the dominant tool on someone else's face (and possibly other body part besides), as well as the sensation of being a dom, or even possibly the dominant person. For this reason, researchers have been unable to use such an object to seduce anyone else, or even please the subject in question with it. Instead, the object is to be used to seduce other people with it (with consent) and compel them to have intercourse with it.

As of this time, there is no way to prevent SCP-451 from being used to seduce any other person. Applying it to a body in a situation where it could convey unwanted emotional input should not be considered harmless.

SCP-451 may be used to seduce a partner with a partner, or a girl who is not in the bedroom. Although it only sated the pleasure of those already involved, this also led to the emergence of the Baby-Sitters Foundation and the discovery of SCP-2113. This has been considerably mitigated, in most cases.

If SCP-451 becomes used to seduce a partner or a girl, or is used to seduce another person, the person will experience a state of extreme distress. The primary feature of this distress is the lack of feelings. This begins with the stage of confusion and confusion which is the basis for the case report (see Document-451-C-B: "Behavioral Trouble with SCP-451") and continues with the Fear of consciousness. Meanwhile, of course, the subject who initiated the distress will find that they are the only thing left touching what was once a person's face. Everything else will be gone, and they will have no contact. All that is left is the words 'let us go!' in the center of their face. This is the only thing left to say is to offer their hand to whoever jerked and locked away their face to use it.

SCP-451 is not to be used to seduce anyone else. Permission from Bio-Research Director Stern or the Senior Researcher is required before use of SCP-451. - Dr. Franc

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