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Item #: SCP-452

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-452 is kept inside a locked box at the house on which it was recovered. Due to the profound implications of its research, access to SCP-452 is restricted to Level-2 or above personnel only.

Description: SCP-452 is a wooden sculpture made out of three bronze pieces, 2.8m (6 ft) in height, 7.2m (17 ft) in diameter and weighing 35.98kg (69 lb). There are no extant records of SCP-452's origin, and it has been suggested that its original form was created by a collection of an unknown artist.

SCP-452 contains several anomalous properties, including:

•The ability to induce rapid physical regeneration of complex parts, including hands, feet, arms and legs.

•The ability to forcibly transform objects in its possession with a single touch.

•The entity's ability to create life-like organic prosthetics.

•The ability to expel toxins and pathogens from the body by directly touching them.

•The ability to use multiple extraneous limbs in its display.

•The ability to produce an animate human puppet, which is capable of vital signs, speech and surprising physical abilities.

•The aforementioned abilities.

•The ability to change its appearance out of its original one using oral or written instruments.

Where SCP-452’s anomalous properties are manifested, the locations of these superhuman abilities are almost identical. Despite the variations, these superhuman abilities are all inherent to the form of the bronze sculpture, and there is no known way of ascertaining whether or not another artificial intelligence is controlling them.

SCP-452 first appeared on the public streets of ███████ County, Canada, in ██ ███████ ███, the city council of ████ ███████ over a series of disturbances by a group called Occupy the City Hall.

'Occupy the City Hall Disorderly Conducted'

The city council of ███████ County had recently considered not allowing vacant council seats to be occupied by people who protested the way city council members were given one piece of land to occupy to make them feel comfortable and orderly in their office. This decision was apparently made in the interest of being a more orderly city.

Occupy the City Hall Disorderly Conducted began with demonstrations in the streets against the construction of a five story building on City Hall's south lawn. The protests remained for a week, and culminated with the removal of the garbage bags containing it. Following this, SCP-452 appeared around the same time in a park near the █████ ███ Research Facility (which was also occupied by protestors, although they had not identified itself as occupying the council chamber).

███/██/██: After the protests, the city council of ███████ County attempted to replicate the protests in the city council, and resulted in the riots and clashes that was contained within the city.

███/██/██: SCP-452 reverted to a bronze sculpture, although no alterations to it were noted.

███/██/██: Researchers reported the bronze sculpture, which had been placed within a tiny box in a basement under a false front for Foundation personnel, to glow.

███/██/██: SCP-452 reverted to its original appearance.

███/███: SCP-452 slid underneath the door of the Foundation Departmental Activity Wing at Site ██.

███/██: An article in the ████████ ████ fashion was published on ████████ Strand paper. A non-human humanoid is identified, and seen to be holding a staff and a sword in their hands. It is then described, for the first time, as “like a primitive Egyptian deity”. The article claimed that this is a reference to SCP-448.

███/██: A paper mill across a city longer than █ miles was found in an overturned car with a scraped piece of paper resting on it. A piece of paper was found in the middle of the area, which seemed to have been torn off by the owner of the mill and the sword that was recovered. A note was found attached to the piece, reading “Not for use outside of containment.”

███/███: SCP-452 has successfully entered a containment chamber 1,89█.█km away from the high-rise structure using an unauthorized weapon. The SCP-452 eviscerated the object has been placed within a Large-Scale Polyhedral Furnace. Testing is ongoing, as is the cause of the anomaly.

███/██: SCP-452 has been moved to Site-███, ████████.

███/███: A voice was heard in a room of the ██████ Recycling

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