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Item #: SCP-457

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-457 is kept in my office in Site 110 (currently Research Facility 109), secure at all times. A number of area-wide alarms are to be in place to prevent the hangar from being entered without being monitored by Foundation agents. At least two (2) refrigerated doors are to be outside of the hangar at all times to prevent SCP-457 from escaping. A security detail of as few (under 2) armed guards should be assigned to SCP-457 at all times.

Although SCP-457 is capable of sudden movement in any direction (besides the shaft stopped by a wire), it is not known if its abilities are always active. It is only known to have the Funnelion of Doom-enabled, generating nothing and having no effect on anything in the hangar. He is not allowed to remove any protective equipment currently in its possession.

SCP-457 is contained in a standard refrigerated locker attached to the containment chamber floor. All food that has come into contact with SCP-457 is to be kept in a separate open space. SCP-457 is to be fed a pelleted bowl of water twice a day.

Description: SCP-457 is an object of indeterminate size and shape given the appearance of a hundred (100) twelve (12) humanoid humanoid figures (hereafter SCP-457-1 through -7); they have a slightly metallic appearance and the fur is gray. The chest and head of the figures are two cylinders, having identical representations of human hearts and spines on them. SCP-457 can breathe fire from the mouth of the figures, and is capable of movement in the opposite direction. SCP-457 is definitely not a sapient being, and is currently contained in a Level 1 Dimensional Site 110 of Site 110.

SCP-457-1 through -7 are on the surface of SCP-457. To the right of each figure is the remains of several employees; however, after SCP-457-1 through -7 the figure has disappeared. At the bottom of each figure is an area of dull terrain. The soil has a variety of organic matter, and a number of small organic organisms (hereafter SCP-457-2 through -12) have been found. These organisms are capable of communication via a collection of mnestics called "sangans" (translated as "sucking" in Japanese, "naing" in Korean). SCP-457-2 through -12 appear to either not exist at all, or otherwise not exist at all.

SCP-457-1 through -7 appears to be a humanoid made out of the soil of the facility, or the remains of a single human being that was killed and is unable to be located. Of note is that SCP-457-1 through -7 seem to be in a good state of health, despite their lack of bones. -7 has blue eyes and large bat wings, judging by the size of their feather formation. The majority of SCP-457-2 through -12 are identical. They are able to scale the walls of the facility, but are also unable to move. It is not until SCP-457-1 through -4 that the entire structure is able to move.

SCP-457-1 through -7 was found wearing a uniformed blue uniform. The dress code on the uniform has been noted to resemble a jarate uniform generally worn by the Yeoman Army. The employees who approached SCP-457 (that the facility had, at the time of containment) are visibly baffled by the police identification trail and arrested and put in custody. Following this, SCP-457-1 through -7 form a riddle contest for the purpose of gaining freedom from their imprisonment. A further note (translated as "You can't kill the stuff so you can do other stuff with it") is found in their locker.

SCP-457-2 through -12, in contrast, are 18-year-olds dressing in what appears to be civilian outfits. They seem to be in a state of shock as they are told that they are being questioned. Due to their apparent inability to communicate or use some form of deciphered or written form of language, it is not yet believed that they are capable of speech or writing.

SCP-457-1 through -7 appear to be playing a game of average tennis, with all players being asked to report to the dressing room for an hour. However, their voices are hushed and when they are asked to comment on their position, they simply reply "Wizards! Use 'em. Never to evolve!"

See Addendum 479 for a list of all instances of SCP-457-2 through -12.

Addendum 479: The following was recovered from the relevant place of containment following Incident 479-1.

On 04/06/19█, after SCP

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