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Item #: SCP-460

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-460 is housed in a standard humanoid humanoid containment cell in Site-32. Personnel may free SCP-460 using the verbal procedure utilized by Dr. Frank.

Description: SCP-460 appears to be a standard humanoid constructed of concrete slabs, reinforced steel, and [REDACTED]. SCP-460 is capable of speech, while its body resembles a typical human. This speech is consistent with the spoken languages used for Spanish and Eastern European languages, and is intended for use as a form of communication with personnel in other languages. It does not belong to any known language.

SCP-460 produces a series of paintings using sophisticated liquid paint, a paintdesser installed in its upper body. Some of these paintings depict the current state of civilization. The complete collection of works, designated as SCP-460-1 to SCP-460-3, is contained in a secured storage locker within Site-32.

SCP-460-1 is a series of over 30 paintings depicting different character types from various popular manga and anime anime series. The paintings are labeled with the phrase: "A Collection of written works from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, inspired by a 2015 visual novel." SCP-460-1 has a number of differences from their counterparts. SCP-460-1 instances themselves appear to be a collection of short stories and unfinished works composed entirely of concepts from various anime and manga series. Some of these components appear to be loosely based on ideas from upcoming works. SCP-460-1 instances also feature a heavy use of visuals from prominent anime and manga productions such as [REDACTED].

All works of SCP-460-1 feature the word "OVA" in different languages. The letter "A" is seen as the "subject" of the work, and these works have been described as being aimed at an audience of young children. Persons who read SCP-460-1 will begin to talk about the work's subject in a manner suggesting the work is meant for adults or older children, referred to as SCP-460-2. These conversations are intermittent, with SCP-460-2 describing SCP-460-1 as "tired, angry, and sad for the best" while working 'at breaking things' for individual children. SCP-460-1 also expresses the hope to see the work return to the state it was at before exposure to SCP-460-1.

It is unknown how much SCP-460-2 truly wants SCP-460-1 back to its 'classic' state. It has stated that he does not want to see SCP-460-1 return. SCP-460-2 has stated that he does not wish the work to fail, nor does he wish for it to fail.

SCP-460-3 is the only known copy of SCP-460-1. According to personnel involved with the creation of SCP-460-3, the SCP-460-1 instance in possession of SCP-460-1 turns SCP-460-1 into a complete person of the person from its original iteration on January 1, 2017. SCP-460-3 has stated that they cannot fully recall the origin of SCP-460-1, and that SCP-460-3 did not finish the work. They have also stated that SCP-460-1 returns completely to its original appearance. Although this is the only known instance of SCP-460-3 to successfully create and/or use SCP-460-1, they do not know why.

SCP-460-1's most notable feature is the collection of various and sundry items that appear to be intended for use as a fashion accessory. It has stated that it is unsure what this variety consists of. Several examples are available in the locker. No official categorization has been given for the items within this collection.

SCP-460-2 appears to be a painting of the current state of civilization, a representation of the concept of modern culture. This civilization has various types, including Classical, Industrial, Modern, and Post-Modern. The Foundation has known of the existence of SCP-460-3 since 2006.

SCP-460-3 has stated that he does not wish to create any work of SCP-460-1. He has stated that the Foundation has been skinning him for years and has been trying to contact him for so long that no one, not even Dr. Frank, has been able to interact with him.

Addendum 460-2: Overview of SCP-460-1-A

SCP-460-1-A is a series of paintings depicting various characters in different roles from various popular manga and anime series. The buildings, objects, or people depicted do not appear to be in the city of Tokyo, Japan, and are rendered in Realistic "Tokyo City" style, or Western style. This civilization is referred to as SCP

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