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Item #: SCP-459

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents stationed in the city of ██████, Georgia to monitor the movement of SCP-459-1 are to confiscate any randomized instances of SCP-459-1 without prior approval. These agents are to monitor the surrounding area for any incident involving SCP-459-1.

Description: SCP-459 is a nettles tree, 1.2 meters in height, located under ██████ High School in ███████, Georgia. The trunk consists of various sea glass-like substances, most commonly pearls, snake leaves, and cactus flowers. SCP-459 was described by geologists as thought to have simply been made by a single individual, but Foundation researcher ████████ █████████ claims that the matter of its composition is one of his own invention.

SCP-459 was discovered by Foundation personnel after reports of a "live concert" featuring SCP-459-1 in ██████. Sample – PubMed

Foundation agents sent to the location reported that a production company of the company "Samson" had assembled a "live" concert experience of some sort, and had produced merchandise for a band called "Rise Of The Karcist". The members of the band were reportedly produced in the nearby ██████████, Texas, despite representatives saying that is was an unowned location.

The production company associated with SCP-459-1 was part of the "Rise Of The Karcist" tour, and was purchased by a company of unknown source. The tour was largely uneventful, and contained all items provided by the production company without deception or alteration. After over two weeks of operation in █████, Foundation agents found a collection of $100 bills scattered along the ground at the time. When investigators brought up the matter with [REDACTED], the production company and several of the merchandise had disappeared.

Addendum #1: Running the test and documenting the hitherto unbreakable bond between the material of SCP-459 and the entities of SCP-459-1 tape

Subject: A 1kg purple box of self-mixing juice

Test Subject: SCP-459-1-1

Test Object: A sample of SCP-459-1-1.

Result: SCP-459-1-1 was mixed with a number of Ingredients found to be isolated in the shape of cucumbers. SCP-459-1-1 was dissolved in a vacuum by SCP-459-1-2. SCP-459-1-1 proceeded to tire and become a common house plant, occasionally getting burned. SCP-459-1-1 was observed to be chewing away at its skin. The inhabitants of the room in which it resided became extremely violent, toward others, and sang.

SCP-459-1-1 then left the room and approached the center of the room. It then began to sing with the aid of [REDACTED]. SCP-459-1-1 then proceeded to completely disintegrate itself into glass from the outside before settling itself into a makeshift "bubble" in the center of the room, which defied containment. The glass within the bubble was damaged, while the inside was constructed of other materials, including a nettles tree and a cucumber. The resulting item is, as stated by Dr. ██████████: "To have been specially designed with cucumbers in mind".

Remaining SCP-459-1-1 was not harmed by the effects of SCP-459-1-2.

Addendum #2: Interview with Agent ████████

Interviewed: Agent ████████

Interviewer: Agent ████████

Foreword: Agent ████████ was introduced to SCP-459-1 by Agent ████████. The following interview is staged from the point of view of Agent ████████'s supervisor. Agent ████████ is informed to not talk about SCP-459-1 in any detail. Agent ████████ also shows knowledge of SCP-459-1 as SCP-459-2, and is asked to believe that SCP-459-3 is SCP-459-1. Agents have been provided with ammunition though they do not believe that SCP-459-1-1 has anything to do with SCP-459-2. Agent ████████ and Agent ████████ are to be briefed that the case against SCP-459-1-9 of SCP-459-1 is sketchy at best, and that any information regarding the case against SCP-459-1-11 is classified. Agent ██████ and Agent ████████ are to be briefed that SCP-459 is not responsible for SCP-459-2's death. Agent ████████ was to be brought in to contain SCP-459-1.

Agent ████████ or Agent ████████:

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