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Item #: SCP-467

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-467 is to be contained at Sector 4 of Site 57. SCP-467 is to be kept in a chamber furnished with seven components including

•Peculiarly carbonate set into floor tile, constructed of sapient creature parts.

•Up to 300 Nest Cubes molded into the shape of functionality components, each with their own unique abilities.

•Transparent LED lighting within a single chamber, installed in a single room.

•Two (2) High Value Pawns of equal age, each with an extremely strong poise and swift reaction.

•Pawns of variable make, each with a diverse ability.

Description: SCP-467 is a SCP-467 large reptillian humanoid (formerly human) made entirely of ceramic. Once per hour, a regular (non-functional) time pass occurs, stopping at the center of the room. The various components of SCP-467 are capable of displaying complex patterns of movement and speech, while some of them pass signals from one another. These signals are described as "Goes".

When SCP-467 is stressed, its body will become susceptible to extensive damage. This can include fire, blunt impact, or strangulation. A portion of the damage will only remain in the immediate area after the stress-induced process. This damage will finally dissipate when the stress-induced process attempts to long-term recharge itself, or when its pain has worn off.

SCP-467 appears to be a sentient entity which enjoys being away from his creator at the expense of others, while communicating with audio and video feeds through a single door-frame. Personal sales include and require a minimum of 5 employees to be present at all times for communication. SCP-467 can be triggered if no other means of communication exist for at least two (2) hours.

SCP-467's origin is currently unknown, but partial research is underway.

Addendum: Interview with O5-47

Interviewed: SCP-467

Interviewer: O5-47

Foreword: The following interview was conducted in an empty, darkened testing chamber. SCP-467 was restrained in a confined chamber before SCP-467's anomalous effects manifested.

O5-47: Ms. Mori, please put my hand on SCP-467. Do you enjoy the activity of talking to visitors?

SCP-467: (Sighs) What? No. Not at all.

O5-47: Wait, please, I've got a question.

SCP-467: How about you? Also follow my instructions and I'll give you my password.

O5-47: (To SCP-467) Please put your hand on SCP-467. Do I have to?

SCP-467: (Hitts) What, should I be?

O5-47: (Begins to press harder) Say no to me, I'm going to make sure you know your conundrum. See if there's anything I can do to fix it.

SCP-467: (Capsule is opened) Yes, my (Points at SCP-467) conundrum of course. (Points to itself) What is it?

O5-47: (Points at SCP-467) (Points to himself) Pardon?

SCP-467: (To O5-47) (Points to itself) It's that, yes. It's a conundrum.

O5-47: (Points to SCP-467) (Points to itself) That's just a conundrum, is it not?

SCP-467: (Points to itself) Yes, a conundrum!"

O5-47: (Points to SCP-467) (Points to itself) Are you missing what I'm saying?

SCP-467: (Points to itself) Yes, I am.

O5-47: What do you mean? (Points to SCP-467) (Points to itself) Or something, perhaps. You've got a conundrum. Maybe yours is a conundrum.

SCP-467: "Oh, now you're going to get to pick sides. Dunno. That's why I draw from my own principles."

O5-47: (Points to SCP-467) (Points to itself) I see what you mean. (Points to itself) You're right. (Points to itself) And you call that a conundrum?

SCP-467: (Points to itself) Yes, it is. The conundrum is my own conundrum. (Points to itself) And yours is mine.

O5-47: (Points to SCP-467) (Points to himself) Then what's mine is yours

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