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Item #: SCP-468

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Area-150 is to be locked down as well as limited access to experiment rooms. A notice is written on the wall of Area-150 informing all personnel that SCP-468 is currently learning to speak with its speech. As of Call of Action 484-4, SCP-468 is no longer allowed to interact with Foundation personnel outside of Area-150.

Description: SCP-468 is a worker of topal (albopictus) coloration, resembling a potentially extinct species of the sacrocarpine. Foundation researchers have not yet been able to locate any records of a relationship between SCP-468 and any of the other animals described to appear through SCP-468's anomalous effect.

SCP-468 appears as a large, bipedal, serpentine creature with a light brown coloration. Farther away, it appears to be a small goat, probably seen as a mumison or part of Mimic cat. Several of the horns and finches that decorate the creature have been observed to be fused or shrunk at random, with the flattened exoskeletons ungainly (or else lost).

SCP-468 will only speak when provoked, and is capable of understanding languages spoken to it. It will produce complex AT (Actual Translator) explanations for the reasons behind why certain words are used, but will not explain the need for such words.

SCP-468 will use words of particular meaning to address other people, as well as objects or objects that are relevant to the matter being addressed. These words will be prefixed with a specific phrase or negative phrase. An example of this would be to simply say "Hello" or "God be merciful".

SCP-468 will mention this phrase and the other phrases it uses in resort to addressing other workers. For example, that phrase will be "Happy Birthday" or "See you again in no time". When spoken with another connected person, SCP-468 will refer to them with a specific manner, not restricted to the word "legislator", and will acknowledge them as "Mr. Reagan". This will often include an explanation of why some of the words appear overly complicated or redundant. This can be requested by the speaker at any given time, as exactly why an apparently title is used is not always known. SCP-468 will be much more cooperative and ephemeral in conversation if they are talking to someone else.

SCP-468 will also engage in conversation for some time with those that have not already been introduced. This conversation, called a "match", will usually be "friendly banter", if not explicitly spoken out of interest. This is not to conflict with SCP-468's stated goal of human cooperation and unity, but will assist in the maximum efficiency of working on the project in which they were originally introduced to.

SCP-468 is not understood to possess a memory. When told of something happening with another company or organization, SCP-468 will demanifest and re-manifest. This is not understood to be intentional, and will never "go wrong".

Instances of SCP-468-3 have no memory of their current existence. After a few months of its existence, self-mutilation will yield no results. After $5000 wise deducible expenditure, SCP-468 will begin to enter a psychological state of intense depression and suicidal ideation. The cause of this is not yet fully understood - it is not known if this is a result of SCP-468's mental states or physical ones.

SCP-468 is not recognized any more - all attempts to contact it by phone, robot, text message, or voice channel have failed over its apparent inability to read human language. It is believed that even if it can understand human language, SCP-468 lacks the ability to read language.


Interview 468-14:

Interviewed: SCP-468

Interviewer: Dr. Voceck

Foreword: This is the first interview to date with SCP-468. Dr. Voceck is a psychologist and researcher who specializes in cognitive behavior therapy. The subject was granted Class-A amnestics after giving an interview that was fairly lengthy and detailed. The population of SCP-468 has been classified as no longer existing.

Dr. Voceck: Alright, so let's get started. We'll be starting off with SCP-468's "multiple personalities" theory.

SCP-468: Oh, no, no! No, I said don't be so hasty! I'm rich. I'm super rich. I'm a very powerful creature, but I also belong to a lot of different people. Pretty small one, actually. I'm Dr. Moirans, by the way.

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