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Item #: SCP-469

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-469 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site 53 without cooking fuel. SCP-469 is to be fed in cases of SCP-469-K.

Description: SCP-469 is a sapient male employee of an unnamed company in the United States of America. The company's "owner" natively professed to be Dr. ████████ using SCP-469 as an equal, though managed to cause a rumor the last time a new employee was hired.

SCP-469 was visited by the "owner", a female named Unknown, who proceeded to threaten the employee with disciplinary measures. SCP-469 was not responsive to official threats and insisted he be fired on some unspecified unspecified grounds. Unknown then proceeded to threaten SCP-469 using staff and/or personal weapons. SCP-469 attempted to defend SCP-469, but was unable to, and was orally reprimanded.

During this incident, emergency personnel arrived on-site to the Foundation's staging area at SCP-469's building. SCP-469 displayed significant mental distress, the emergency personnel were able to incapacitate SCP-469, and were able to breach containment.

SCP-469 has been subdued without incident by staff and security. It is believed SCP-469 is a servant of the creator. SCP-469 claims it will be able to create new employees following his departure. It is not known how SCP-469 is made.


Film: IMG_479


Description: An animated version of the 1999 film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Plot: Guardians of the Galaxy made with the real-time strategy video game Warcraft.

Story Triangle: Guardians of the Galaxy attempts to make a deal with the other aliens, with some notable exceptions (such as defeating the Collector as a baby) and a number of minor ones (such as the new recruit of Hooli's "I Could Be The Moon" as being the next owner)

Efforts to obtain the Collector as a new servant:

•Interview with movie director James Gunn: "Some people think Guardians of the Galaxy isn't a good idea to make a big deal about, but I'm glad to see it coming from Guardians. They can't run from things."

•Interview with actor Sam Neill: "I've asked him if he thinks that Guardians of the Galaxy is a bad idea. He just doesn't know."

•Interview by Dr. ████████: "Hey, Doctor ███████, can you please just let me know I can accomplish anything I want. I have the biggest home in the universe and I am too old to do anything without a partner. I'm not about to go to an absurd number of places and get hurt."

•Interview by Dr. ████████: "I got the little robot that was cute, from the movie Frozen. Can you stop me?"

Film: IMG_209Hongkong


Description: The last film in the Star Wars franchise made by old Disney.

Plot: The plot of the original Star Wars takes place during the Battle of Endor, and is the most famous of the series.

Story Triangle: They go from being the first time we meet the Star Wars people, to being the heroes of a military coup on the Eastern Front to retrieve the fabulous children of Darth Vader.

Efforts to obtain the Collector as a new servant:

•Interview with actor Chris Pratt: "I want to tell you something: You can't go to a cartoon movie and not have a companion"

•Interview with agent ████████: "Your friend was absolutely right. He's just the coolest man in the world. I have many ideas for characters to make to fit in with his qualities, but it's good to have someone who can properly play any given role and do so with the best of them."

Film: IMG_173HoldingPower


Description: A heavyweight boxing match between Ivan "Cro Cop" Thompson and Junior "Hillbilly Jim" Bushson with Ricochet's clothing.

Story Triangle: Golfer vs. boxer, the winner of the first fight losing an attempted shot to the former against Junior's superior skill.

Efforts to obtain the Collector as a new servant:

•Interview with movie director James Gunn: "The guy is just the coolest. Anyone who can run with anything is a hell of a friend. He's the only one who can do what he wants."

•Interview with actor Sam Neill: "I remember when they brought him in. He was the best boxer in the history of all time. He was just so lovable

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