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Item #: SCP-470

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-470 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-53. SCP-470 is to be fed through the suspension of feeding tubes.

SCP-470 is to be fed a diet of raw meat that it has become accustomed to, filtered through the rectal walls and treated with antibiotics. SCP-470 is to be regularly fed with 1 kg (2lb) of raw fish tissue. If this is not provided when SCP-470 is in its feed, it is to be kept suspended in its containment chamber for 24-48 hours without food or water.

Once every two weeks, SCP-470 is to be fed a vitamin supplement (either calcium or vitamin supplement) IV twice a day, at a dose of 75mg (40-100mg)c. This supplement is to be taken twice daily.

SCP-470 is to be kept alone in a dark room at all times. No testing of SCP-470's genetic makeup is allowed except with medical professionals with Level 3 Clearance. Test subjects of this nature are to be kept in a single wing of the containment chamber at all times.

Description: SCP-470 is a male (designated SCP-470-1) and is 57 years of age. All traces of SCP-470-1 have been excised from the bloodstreams of all subjects within a 1km radius of the test subject at the time of testing. The test subject has developed a compulsion to leave the test chamber by any means necessary in order to proceed with the procedure.

SCP-470-1 is not aware of any other individuals within a visible distance of it. No records have been found of SCP-470-1's childhood, and its parents have not been located. SCP-470-1 is not aware of any relatives who might even know about him. Note: SCP-470-1 had requested this privilege. - Dr. Boland

SCP-470-1 is to be fed a diet of raw meat twice a day. This diet is to be provided through the suspension of feeding tubes. SCP-470-1 is instructed to remain suspended until it is six months of age.

SCP-470-1 is to be treated with antibiotics six times a day for the duration of the test. If SCP-470-1 recovers from injury, it is to be removed from the test chamber and monitored for a period of three weeks until recovery. If things turn out badly for the subject (or SCP-470-1), it is to be kept suspended until no longer being able to fully move or simply not being required for maintenance of the manual race table.

SCP-470-1 is to be fed a diet of salt twice a day. Only one (1) drip of salt is to be used every two hours for the entire test period.

Upon recovery, SCP-470-1 was undergoing surgery for a combined fracture of the left leg and hip joints. SCP-470-1 has stated that this injury has left no physical scars but is nevertheless considered serviceable. SCP-470-1 is to be kept suspended and monitoring by a therapist for the duration of the procedure.

SCP-470-1 has been provided with 3kg (6lb) of raw fish tissue. SCP-470-1 was permitted to consume this meat and selected to be fully recontained for the remainder of its test period. SCP-470-1 was not provided with canned salmon once the test period was completed. Test subject was routinely asked to eat and drink the fish.

The body of SCP-470-1 is to be kept suspended in its containment chamber while awaiting further instructions of SCP-470's procedure.

SCP-470-1's containment chamber is to be shut and cleaned daily with the use of OSHA standard heavy-duty soap-and-water dispenser for hygiene. Personnel are to act responsibly when handling SCP-470's body.

Description: SCP-470-1 was created as a pet-like animal during the creation of the following film: "A Time to Kill", directed by Gilles Villeneuve. SCP-470-1 has self-identified as having the personality and appearance of a male member of the Hermit crab (Zolpiscis niloticus) and is eight meters tall. It speaks with a voice corresponding to the formal French voice of the movie's protagonist. All songs and books written about SCP-470 bear the line "Something to live by, it's not better to die young."

SCP-470-1 is aided by a sentient appendage located near the tail of its head and in the leg of its left arm. SCP-470-1 speaks using a voice similar to that of a member of the water moccasin (Macropus longia), and has been shown to cease to act if not given

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