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Item #: SCP-471

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-471 has been kept in standard humanoid containment chamber with the monitor on the lowest setting. No contact has been made with SCP-471 for the past ██ months.

Description: SCP-471 is a Caucasian male measuring 141cm in height, with a slender body and features of clean grooming and silver hair. SCP-471 does not appear to be affected by any external stimuli, including the sun. As capable of speech and writing as the human race, SCP-471 has been shown to be intelligent, and an explorer of local legend.

SCP-471 can recall events in its past - however, there is no history of both humanoid and human life within the city, and as such is able to pick up objects, as if it were still present. SCP-471 will rattle on about its own memories - while it has no understanding of what it is saying, it has the ability to retain memories and experience in a state of mental shock, which it uses to aid in its attempts to locate and locate the nearest living relatives of it's humanoid child.

As things can only be done with SCP-471, and not being able to carry out any of its plans, it is advised that only humanoid or chemical entities please be around. No subject or SCP-471 are allowed to wear its armor, or to leave the chamber with it.

SCP-471 once attempted to acquire a human corpse, although its wearer was able to undo the effects of its armor, and walked straight into the nearest firehouse.

SCP-471 will attempt to befriend any scientist, demiurge, or family who has no children or children-of-parents of either type. It will not contact the subjects for more than 30 minutes at a time, and will only hold conversations with them. SCP-471 will also try to become friends with these scientists and demiurges. - personnel report that SCP-471 does appear to have a strong desire to bring more knowledge and information to the area.

SCP-471 is also frequently congregated around the living room, wearing a big-hat with a black hat (which is decayed to its youth), and joining in conversation with subjects. Even at talkative times, SCP-471 will be relentless when talking. It has stated that [REDACTED] - people described the hearer as astonishingly intelligent, and that he was "some kind of [REDACTED], with knowledge somewhere so [REDACTED]." SCP-471 has been reported unable to differentiate between the minds of the subject, or on the basis of its personnel and the things that it gathers, see each other, and will act on all of these into mutilating subjects.

SCP-471 wears a letter jacket with the words "Welcome to the Earth of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Go home sometime." Underneath the jacket is a small locked bag of gold. SCP-471 is also described as being "always polite".

For the full interview with SCP-471, contact Dr. ██████ M████████, who will be helping SCP-471 with its containment. - Dr. ████████

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