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Item #: SCP-472

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-472 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Camp ██ at Site-███. SCP-472 is to be accompanied by no fewer than two (2) laboratory staff. Any questions regarding SCP-472's containment are to be directed at Dr. ████████.

Should SCP-472 require additional drawbacks from SCP-472's containment protocol, they are to be kept within humanoid containment.

Description: SCP-472 is a white male human with a small wormhole located in his chest. The wormhole is no longer present on SCP-472, having ceased on 15/12/17. The cause for this is unknown. Further attempts by either SCP-472 or Dr. ████████ have been unsuccessful.

SCP-472 initially displayed no anomalous properties, but upon physical contact with the wormhole, SCP-472 was able to enter it. There is no known way for SCP-472 to enter the wormhole. SCP-472 has since shared details regarding the wormhole with the Foundation.

SCP-472 appeared to be full of gummy worms, which he only referred to as "Parties." He also seemed to be somewhat fond of the appearance of children wearing "gummy" hats and sweaters. SCP-472 also interacted with base forms such as the DNA of SCP-███. A wide variety of minor forms of scips have now appeared in SCP-472, including children's things made of silk, corded objects, military equipment done up in plastic, Cube examples, etc.

If SCP-472 is fed a certain variety of food, its thirst will become strong enough to damage the wormhole, as long as the food is not normally available to eat. SCP-472 is also capable of creating portals around things and people, including itself, SCP-███, the Staff members of the Foundation with which SCP-472 has recently interacted, and those into its failed experiments and Omega-15.

SCP-472 was first discovered on 11/29/██, in a ████████ containment room, in ██████, █████. When SCP-472 was in a state of extreme depression, his bed was vacated and it was discovered that several new SCP-472 instances had appeared in various places in the containment ward. After a thorough interview, SCP-472 was brought out of its own body and administered a psychiatric to make it happy. In the following interview, SCP-472 reported believing that he was one of the new SCP-472 instances, and that it had begun to create a Big Pink Road.


Interviewing: SCP-472

Interviewer: Dr. ███████


Dr. ████████: Hey, there's a consequence to this.

SCP-472: I am a fucking wormhole. I can fly. I can move at a fucking breakneck speed. I can make two meters in under a second, and get up once I hit one kilometer. I speak, and I write, I can play poker, I can make some bullshit, maybe I can turn into other sentient creatures, or gigantic bugs.

Dr. ████████: And what do you think you are?

SCP-472: A wormhole.

Dr. ████████: You said you started out as a wormhole.

SCP-472: The biggest wormhole in the Horizon Crater.

Dr. ████████: I had an SCP-23161, so I guess that makes a worm?

SCP-472: A wormhole.

Dr. ████████: And what's that?

SCP-472: An SCP-23161.

Dr. ████████: Do you then?

SCP-472: A fuck them five log, I guess.

Dr. ████████: I see. Are you sure that you're speaking to an SCP-23161?

SCP-472: I am a goddamn wormhole. I'm the most powerful wormhole in a goddamn fucking galaxy and I just were driving down an imaginary wormhole.

Dr. ████████: Where is that from?

SCP-472: I'm the only wormhole that's real. I have a life. I have memories. I have goals. I have dreams. If I don't keep them all going, I can do what I want, psuedo-permanently, and the only thing stopping me from doing it is a bunch of unicorns.

Dr. ████████: So there's no point?

SCP-472: No, I'm a wormhole

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