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Item #: SCP-473

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-473 is to be kept in storage at Site-87. The door to SCP-473 is to be unlocked at all times.

Description: SCP-473 is a steel box cut into the shape of an unidentifiable continent. It is completely empty. No physical structures, artifacts, or data of any kind exist within SCP-473.

SCP-473 was discovered 18██, in the Tibur, Swaziland. The original location of SCP-473 appears to be a home belonging to a Nipono-Hudua stone-cutting tool-making culture, with the claimed origin of this culture dating back 4500 years. SCP-473 was recovered when it was discovered after a man known as "Nia-Hudua" vanished.

SCP-473 was discovered in the ruins of a large Nipono-Hudua complex. The site has since been renovated, and is currently believed to have been abandoned for as long as 4500 years, due to the presence of SCP-473. The site's walls have been broken and replaced with glass panels and other decorative materials. SCP-473 has been found running through a series of glass panels of varying construction and materials, and shows no signs of being tampered with.

SCP-473 is capable of moving and responding to voices and sounds within it. After some initial confusion about the function of the force of speech, SCP-473 is able to perform its inarticulate speech.

SCP-473 was discovered by a local FBI agent in their search for clues behind the disappearance of Nia-Hudua. A surveillance device picked it up while investigating the disappearance of ████ ████ █████████ ██, a professor of [REDACTED]. The object was recovered upon discovery. Surveillance showed SCP-473 asking for help solving his own problems, and by extension, making his problems the ones that need to be solved.

Addendum: SCP-473 was contained in Site-87's storage room for the past six months, due to the nature of its anomalous properties. Researchers in the containment cell noted a number of SCP-473's abilities. It was later discovered that SCP-473 had a hand in the disappearance of █████ ████████████. It was not until Incident 4473-07 that SCP-473 was observed to speak, showing a change in expression.

Addendum: SCP-473 was recovered on ██/█/████. Agent █████ was camping on the island of Abasir, New Zealand, when SCP-473 was discovered, and found the object by a rescue party led by LC-353. Agent █████ used SCP-473 to escape the site's main entrance, and is currently being held in Site-87's observation room. Agent █████ has been declared a Level-3 humanoid keter as a result of his involvement with SCP-473. Agent █████ has been given 9 am clearance to use SCP-473 at any time.



1. Primarily used in the southwestern Indian state, and most commonly used for the creation of "clever".

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