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Item #: SCP-474

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All affected catalogs of SCP-474 are to be kept on the Foundation's local computer encryption system, guarded by two Foundation agents.

All information about SCP-474-1 is not to be released to or copied by any Foundation employee without Level 5 Clearance. Any copies made of the catalogs of SCP-474 that are fully protected are to be destroyed no less than one day before the expiration of a 30-day period.

Description: SCP-474 is a collection of books of "The Plumed Serpent by Buteo Anaxagoras" by several authors, the majority of which have since been broken or destroyed. No more versions of SCP-474 exist.

Hard copies of SCP-474 do not contain any content or words, but may contain an "authentic" version of all text that reads on the front cover. All text and images that appear on the front cover of the books tends to appear on every page of the book, appearing as drawings, sculptures, landscapes, stories, and other, sometimes bizarre, illustrations.

The anomalous effect of this effect wears off when the books are removed from circulation.

Confirmed results

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