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Item #: SCP-475

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-475 is contained at Site-73. All related items are to be contained at Site-83. SCP-475 is to be continuously monitored by at least 2 Level 3 Foundation personnel from all branches of the division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Foundation shall approve of a project to test whether an isolated anomalous property of the United States may be expunged.

Description: SCP-475 is a collection of cells and tissues of fetal organ system of various species. Entities metabolized by SCP-475 cause physical changes in the body of the subject. The various physical changes of these structures are listed in the Appendix 1.

Affected individuals experience a major mood effect of varying intensity. Affected individuals generally react with euphoria and feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. Affected individuals rarely express thoughts or emotions such as anger or anxiety, instead reverting to normal after 2-3 hours. Affected individuals feel the physical desires for sex or sexual expression. Affected individuals often rate it as a massive, long-term affair performed with a partner of varying gender. Affected individuals have been described as emotionally distressed, and exhibit symptoms of psychological trauma.

Upon expiry, affected individuals usually report feeling refreshed, energetic, and proactive. Affected individuals will often display a strong interest in pursuing and completing projects unrelated to working the lines of the human body. Affected individuals also experience a slight jitter in the development of their autonomic nervous system. Affected individuals often report feeling demotivated and prone to depression.

Attempts to study SCP-475 have been hindered by the inability to forcibly remove the affected individuals from the body of the affected persons. Given the number of patients, this has prolonged the duration of their effect.

SCP-475 was encountered on 11/██/2003 when an entity appeared outside the ████ Medical Center ███ ███ ███, in █████████, ████████ due to a health crisis. Foundation personnel were made aware of the creature through a medical app. Agents were sent to find the source of the entity.

When the area of effect of the entity expanded, Foundation personnel were ordered to secure the area, containing SCP-475. Upon its arrival at the scene, they discovered a human-shaped syndrome in which the face, neck, and brain area of a person had turned them into a varying material specially prepared for intercourse. The victims express no memory of or views stretching to articles of clothing or hair. Affected individuals are able to feel pleasure and pleasure as desired by an unknown source.

The Foundation remains unable to locate the source of this phenomenon; all possible findings of a metamorphic prognosticatoria are to be considered failures.

Addendum 1: "Pink Man Syndrome"


SCP-475-1 from the night before containment.

On 17/12/2008, the Foundation reported multiple reports of a man and woman reported that their partner, a 17-year-old artist named █████ █ █████, refused to have an infant child.

Foundation protocol requires persons to prevent an individual from forming a pregnancy. This requires containment of SCP-475.

As of 2006-06-17, SCP-475 does not require containment.

Addendum 2: On 12/██/20██, the Foundation received reports of an anomalous experience of an adult female-BATMAN in ███████, ██████. While that day was reported in the local news, Foundation agents assigned to the area contacted the local police.

As Foundation agents arrived at the police station, the men in the police car had already been arrested. Officers refused to deal with them, preferring to end a standoff with the prisoners to receive their ordered termination. At the time, the assumption was that their attempted murder had somehow been done through violent means.

Foundation agents surrounded the officers in a standoff. Officers immediately threw them to the ground and handcuffed them.

As suspected, SCP-475 was obliterated; there is no record of it being active in the vicinity.


1. Classified as Neutralized.

2. Classified as Neutralized.

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