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Item #: SCP-476

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets within Major Cities and travel to SCP-476 is not to interfere with the activities of the populace. Mobile Task Force Sigma-15 ("Peregrine") is to distribute Class-C amnestics to any civilians and members of the public who witness SCP-476's appearance within their jurisdiction.

Description: SCP-476 is an extradimensional, uncountable number of humanoid, pulsing, hollow bodies around a "hub" (designated SCP-476-1). SCP-476-1 functions as body-positivity (and thus, body-maturation), and sexual desires. SCP-476-1 impart sexual satisfaction to members of the public. This sexual satisfaction may be increased or diminished depending upon material, and clothing and makeup worn by members.

SCP-476-1 are highly intelligent and capable of joining Foundation-managed environments, and will remain in states of mental health consistent with such. SCP-476-1 will begin to develop a self-perpetuating pattern of behavior, much in the way that a self-perpetuating pattern of behavior would. This self-perpetuating behavior is led by the composition of an individual's body, and the members of the public who interact with the irregularly shaped bodies will attempt to catch, and/or attempt to enclose, these self-perpetuated bodies.

Addendum 7/5/2015: The following is a series of random tables of effects obtained from SCP-476-1-1 each week. Every Wednesday, SCP-476-1 will randomly generate a table of effects commonly created from objects submitted for testing by Foundation personnel. Each subject's assignments to SCP-476-1-1 are listed at the end of the article.

•All subjects will switch positions immediately after the introduction of SCP-476-1-2-3 and SCP-476-1-1 frequently shifts to a different location of SCP-476-1-1.

•SCP-476-1 will abandon objects in the presence of other members of the public at a frequency not consistent with that of a normal column of a pure-state-of-being.

•SCP-476-1-1 will attempt to interact with persons or entities who do not conform to the current arrangement of SCP-476-1-1.

•SCP-476-1 will hype certain sexually-charged material, such as raunchy, violent, or sexual material, and will warm it to the point of arousal.

•SCP-476-1 will stick objects in persons or entities. Specific articles that invoke these effects are available on file.

•SCP-476-1 will impress individuals of any religion with an image of a holy male or female deity, or other similar image-related material.

•SCP-476-1 will frequent gatherings of children and toys, whether or not he has been instructed to do so.

•SCP-476-1 will attempt to destroy people and objects he considers offensive.

•SCP-476-1 will engage in penile and anal sex with individuals of the opposite sex.

•SCP-476-1 will ignore the pleas of loved ones to leave his own house or to leave their own children when they are alone.

•SCP-476-1 will appear to the public in public, wearing apparel and makeup consistent with that of the same time period and area it was first discovered by Foundation personnel. Once no "contact" or "biological" documentation exists, SCP-476-1 will continue to display the persona of a human humanoid humanoid unless told to alter its appearance.

•SCP-476-1 will merge with subjects' bodies, and the subject will begin to ascribe sexual frustration to SCP-476-1.

Addendum 3/2/2015: SCP-476-1 did not respond to any further testing.

•SCP-476-1 will not provide adequate sustenance to itself when in the presence of another instance of SCP-476-1-1.

Addendum 3/2/2015: The following is a collection of random articles submitted for testing by Foundation personnel. Research staff attempting to read these articles have been unable to establish contact with SCP-476-1, even though SCP-476-1 shows no signs of physical harm from personnel attempting to interact with it.



SCP-476-2, Run

Interaction with SCP-476-1-2-1 affected entities will result in a marked increase in sexual desire. While SCP-476-1-2-1 may view this change as a given effect from its undifferentiated state, experimentation is ongoing in the direction of determining a more permanent interaction with SCP-476-1.


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