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Item #: SCP-477

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-477 is kept on-site at one-third the size of its previous version, Delta-1, with an active maintenance campaign. During testing, it must be kept illuminated when not in a testing area. No flash needs to be used on SCP-477 to test the light of its cells, except when testing is conducted with SCP-477 8 and is not in their containment.

Description: SCP-477 is an inanimate, non-anomalous black quartz clockwork clock with two raised second hands and a floating rod-type hand on the face. Its movements are random in nature, giving off a faint humming sound. Attempts by Foundation researchers to identify the source of these noises have so far proven fruitless.

SCP-477 consists of three parts to be kept at the top of a light fixture. One is a bedspring, which is a milky white liquid that will be emitted if SCP-477 is in a state of extreme disrepair. The other is a sensor, which may be used to detect SCP-477's state of repair, and may be replaced and used to repair other damaged components. The other is the light bulb, which acts as the source of the humming sound. If the bulb is damaged, light emitted from the bulb becomes anomalous. This effect is strongest with the upper half of the bulb, and is maintained by the burning of the top half of the bulb.

SCP-477 is now 104cm tall and 60kg in mass. In order to keep it in good condition, Foundation personnel are to keep it outside on 4/7/18, but inside of a USB Type C hardwired power source.

Description: SCP-477 is a bizarre humanoid creature wearing a white gown and gloves, a highly durable clothing item resembling an Assassin's Garb, and is the leader of an organization known as the Broken Templars. It is sentient, as it shows a proficiency in the Occult Arts.

SCP-477 is capable of communicating in a series of tones similar to the Chinese/Yucatan language. The main languages spoken by SCP-477 are Basic Chinese, which is written as a script using the traditional alphabet (Latin, Chinese, Assamese, and Yiddish)[report 3/6/201█]. This language is largely impossible to comprehend through the use of speech or writing. SCP-477 is also capable of writing in a dialect that is not known to exist, called the Daoistic language.

SCP-477 is also capable of speaking in a variety of other languages, including Farsi, Arabic, Farsi/Nisanto, Afrikaans, Spanish, and English. This language is largely incomprehensible, and lacks any recognizable set of words in it. The Daoistic language is the most primitive, and thus is probably greatest-ever used by SCP-477.

SCP-477 possesses a host of anomalous abilities, including:

•Ability to spin a ball of copper which will move at speeds equal to that of a bullet once in its grasp.

•Ability to teleport itself directly across the world (with the aid of the Light).

•Ability to rapidly build walls from the ground and create barriers.

•Ability to create barriers with his hands and his head and use them to place traps such as rainbows or inflatable objects.

•Ability to create a miniature version of himself from the ground and have him rush the nearest object.

•Ability to create and weave the fabric of reality itself, merging fiber parts such as hair, nails, leaves, wood, cloth, feathers, and anything smaller and more opaque with his hands.

•Ability to create a new, previously unobtainable object from the ground and combine it with any objects he touches.

•Ability to transform himself into a black bird (i.e. a flying rubber duck) or a rainbow center mass.

•Ability to gather a large quantity of raw gold (accounting to the amount needed to create an instance of SCP-477-1.

In addition to these abilities, SCP-477 is able to materialize objects from anywhere within its sight and can manipulate them. Objects that enter or interfere with the SCP-477 instance will be instantly terminated.

SCP-477 is also capable of making single-player, co-operative video games, with achievements, story progression, and Achievements. Video game features are always presented with a story line, and various game mechanics are frequently referenced.

SCP-477 was discovered in ████, ██, after reports of a strange event in the ███████ neighborhood of ██████, ██. Officers were dispatched to investigate reports of a man, later identified as ███████ ████ Samuel ████████, diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, dressed in a gold-colored suit and a silver and black cloak

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