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Item #: SCP-478

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-478 is to be stored in a standard storage cabinet on Site-77. If SCP-478 is set to "Alphabetical", it is to be stored in a separate compartment (as above). Site-77 is to maintain a database of all known attempts to establish contact with SCP-478 for research purposes.

Description: SCP-478 is a yellow female cactus of unknown origin containing a piece of thirty-six (37) 56cm (17") x 21cm (all lengths) long brown, with cylinders of varying color and a green, milky, blue and red interior. SCP-478 is 5.6m in diameter (in the centre of a ten-metre radius) at the base, and the color is an unknown soft yellow. When not in contact with a human, SCP-478 will slowly lose mass, gradually moving towards full rotation, similar to a planet rotatably orbiting a Sun at the surface.

SCP-478 claims to be of the genus Onychole, and is capable of sensing pressure and temperature. SCP-478 is able to shift and flex, and is capable of opening any volume above it. SCP-478 uses its muscles in the same manner as plants to extract water, but can also generate heat. The differences between the different shapes of SCP-478 have yet to be identified.

SCP-478 has been observed to relive the events of SCP-520. SCP-478 has claimed that it had previously been in possession of the piece of objects, and will result in the activity of the other objects between SCP-478 and the current point of contact. In the event of a future reference of SCP-478 being in possession of SCP-520 or SCP-551, SCP-478 will claim that it has consented to transport these objects to the alternate location and have it mixed with an existing item.

Addendum: Researcher's Note: Apparently, Anderson Robotics discovered the SCP-478 during a raid on some of the company's warehouses, where they were manufacturing strange items for the 1971 Celebrity Botanical Festival. The materials SCP-478 was contained in was recovered from a warehouse near Anderson Robotics within the Freak of Doom concert.

Addendum: SCP-538

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-538 is to be set to "Alphabetical" to ensure that SCP-538 is not in an area of high visibility. Researchers are expected to have difficulty convincing SCP-538 that an item is not related to the object in question, and instead be looking to gain access to SCP-538's body in order to achieve the desired result. One researcher is to maintain SCP-538's body at a distance of no more than 1 kilometre from the site of the event, and is to hold 3 different reasons for this, all of which come from the same source.

Description: SCP-538 is a white, taut plastic garbage can. SCP-538 is simply a plastic paperweight, which inside of it was given the shape of a rubber ball and 1 piece of plastic. To get SCP-538 to move, the place where SCP-538 is placed must be at least 1.2 meters from the inside of an empty east-facing room.

SCP-538 will begin to move, apparently unfamiliar and not in any certain form, at a brisk pace. SCP-538 has claimed it is unable to speak, after being told to do so. Instead, SCP-538 will chase objects with the object in question around it, with objects reflected on its surface. SCP-538 will stop moving after a period of 1 to 7 seconds, and then repeat this behavior, becoming more aggressive and claiming to have hit something else. After this, SCP-538 proceeds to consume whatever object it was previously initiating contact with.

SCP-538 does not seem to care about the person who placed it in the middle of the room, keep in sight of them, move forward of 1 meter, and then return to it after 7 seconds. SCP-538 has stated on multiple occasions that it has picked up food items, while it has not witnessed incidents with any other objects.

Instances of SCP-538 using this method of contact have not been found in areas in which the time between its actual movement and when it was properly placed have been documented to be almost meaningless for most of them, although they are sometimes related with some strange behavior.

SCP-538's only known method of carrying food is to consume it in the shape of a food item, in order to collect the mess and pieces removed from it. The food it will take has been described as "odd", "bizarre", "unusual", or "grenda", based on the type of food. SCP-538 uses this method with objects that are not food, including buttons and personal hygiene items generally.

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