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Item #: SCP-479

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-479 is to be stored at Site 56 until further notice.

Description: SCP-479 is a two-pronged SCP. SCP-479 has no visual appearance, and has been determined to be invisible to all but a single human. SCP-479 is capable of manifesting various anomalous quality of life occurrences, such as walking trees, running or jumping on people, and other such things. However, it also has been discovered that SCP-479 is capable of determining the identity of an individual. SCP-479 also is capable of acquiring objects, such as being confronted with a bowl of fruit, and making a living out of it.

SCP-479 was found in █████ ████████, ██████, after a rescue operation involving several dozen Foundation personnel, due to having been kicked by some unseen man. The subject was known to be the head of a family of unknown origin, and the caretaker of a small collection of children from a series of incidents.

SCP-479 was found in ██ ████████, ██, after Incident 3694-9-1. SCP-479 was subdued after SCP-479's containment was confirmed to be free of contraband.

SCP-479 has also been found in ██████████, IN, after being found dead in SCP-███. The subject was suspected to be cutting furniture on ████████ ████.

Addendum-1: Incident 3694-1-01

Three months after Incident 3694-1, SCP-479 was discovered in ████████, ██████████, Finland. Foundation personnel had to be called in to contain SCP-479, as it did not obey any of the containment procedures.

On ██/█/████, SCP-479 escaped through █████'s ████████ ██ ███████. The Foundation managed to bring it down using the traps set up in its containment chamber, and SCP-479 was apprehended shortly after.

Addendum-2: Incident 3694-2-01

Upon Incident 3694-2-01, SCP-479 was found in ███ ████████, ██. SCP-479 was found in his containment chamber, and was not harmed before SCP-479 did its anomaly. SCP-479 was not found in ████████, ██████, ████████, ████, ██████ ███, █████ ████████, ████████, ████████ and ████████ ████.

Addendum-3: Incident 3694-3-01

On ██/██/████, SCP-479 was discovered in ██████, ██████████ ██, Springfield, Missouri. SCP-479 was found playing in the grass, and was not harmed before containment staff attempted to enter.

EC-5C-This is the Most Dangerous Game EVER.

1.SCP-479 and the sentient object have isolated the world from everything. The more SCP-479 is destroyed, the more dangerous it becomes.

2.The only way to stop it is to destroy the world. Anything else makes you a monster.

3.SCP-479's containment procedures are to be revised at least once a year, with changes being made every 2 years.

►edit: SCP-479 is to be contained on Site 56 until further notice. (From now on, it's only contained in Site 56!)

Addendum-4: Incident 3694-5-01

[Incident 3694-5-01]

On ██/██/████, SCP-479 was found in ██████████, ██████. SCP-479 was found in a box in a storage room at Site 56, apparently having been transported to Site 56. When Personnel within Site 56 noticed this, it sent an unlucky child to Site 56.

While we were busy cleaning out SCP-479's room, an armed Foundation personnel came into the room, intending to catch SCP-479. A follow up non-menial search was conducted, and SCP-479 was found under the access corridor of Site 56.

For the past 7 hours, Site 56 has been closed to all personnel. The door has been locked for this reason: the locked door:

I just want to make sure my kids are safe. I can't do the rest of this.

Personnel within Site 56 attempted to reclaim SCP-479.

Agents of, and long range shooters from nearby Site 56 were sent to take SCP-479. Several people were found dead inside at once.

Personnel attached to Area-81 were sent to investigate. The room was found empty. No personnel were found.


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