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Item #: SCP-481

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-481 is to be kept in Secure storage at Site 87. Undercover Foundation field agents are to serve as a cover to document the location of SCP-481. Any Foundation personnel attempting to collect SCP-481 is to be debriefed to obtain confirmation of any special containment procedures.

If SCP-481's containment procedures are not in accordance with current Foundation regulations, it is to be incinerated immediately after all attempts at accessing it fail, at the discretion of the Site Director.

Description: SCP-481 is an unmuscular, yellow, wiry, tall, armored humanoid composed of a pair of clawed hands and a head decorated with five commonly-used fictional characters. Furthermore, nine different cartoon-like characters have appeared on various episodes of popular television series, movies, products of companies whose products contain SCP-481, and other items.

Once every two weeks, SCP-481 will manifest somewhere on Earth, physically and anomalously. SCP-481 is armed with a large amount of ammunition. As SCP-481 is unecerated, some of the ammunition has fallen into the hands of civilians who have visited SCP-481.

SCP-481 is highly protective of its self and the life of any tangible material of it. This protective ability is referred to as SCP-481-A (or, in the case of concrete, SCP-480A-1). SCP-480A is generally a plant of unknown origin, or, in the case of concrete, is a species of primate exoskeleton similar to a roach of unknown origin.

SCP-480A-1 is a large-scale, destructive, anomalous, oracle, and the head of a mannequin resembling Norman Rockwell. SCP-480A-1 is capable of telekinetically projecting images onto objects and people, though it will usually project images based on false information about the type of item or product that it is appearing on. In the case of objects and people, SCP-480A-1 will attempt to mimic the original costume and any perceived alias or persona worn by the wearer of the costume, with the intent of the other person assuming its identity. SCP-480A-1 is usually harmless, even if it is wearing an unpleasant, painful, or otherwise irrelevant costume.

SCP-480A-2 (or, in the case of concrete, the legs of a cow, a whip, a large knife, and a pair of horned, feathery, flexible lips) is a number of items, if any, that SCP-480A-2 is capable of summoning from its sockets. SCP-480A-2 will take on the appearance of an impractical, but effective, sword made of concrete. Doors containing consistency-molded concrete will be converted to SCP-480A-2's presence. SCP-480A-2 will then attempt to use the material to establish an elaborate, though usually simpler, explanation of parts of objects, such as the internal dimensions of a vending machine.

SCP-480A-3 (or, in the case of concrete, a jackal's head, a missile arm, a large, grey, razor-sharp stick, and a pair of small, pointed black eyes with no pupils) is a collection of objects, if any, that SCP-480A-3 is capable of copying. SCP-480A-3 is usually composed of several objects commonly found in architectural styles that are highly unusual in construction. SCP-480A-3 is usually composed of an assortment of material such as plastic, paper, stone, glass, and metals, and, occasionally, a combination of metals and materials. The majority of the objects that SCP-480A-3 is capable of reproducing are shown below:

SCP-480A-5 (or, in the case of concrete, a hat with the arms of a martin and a pair of hairless ears, complete with a cat on the head) is a collection of objects, if any, that SCP-480A-5 is capable of creating in a very simple manner, from any material with a material hardness of at least twenty-five (20) on the Mohs. There are several examples of these items, including:

•SCP-480A-6 (or, in the case of concrete, a trailer full of five (5) steel-and-limestone statues of a knoll, a horse, an elephant, and a game horse) — A platform from which a series of large conical, string-like objects resembling large kites resembling Scotland's Fishing Isle fly from, sometimes launching grappling hooks, in the general direction of SCP-480A-5. Generally, SCP-480A-5 will be a small, cord-like creature resembling a thorn, but with many of the habets of the quarry claws ad

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