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Item #: SCP-482

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-482 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment room in Site 38. An outside observer is to be posted in the room. No personnel are to be informed of SCP-482's presence.

Description: SCP-482 resembles a humanoid female, with four legs, two arms, two legs, two heads, and a torso. SCP-482 does not display any other body parts save for a head, which is located in its left forearm. This head is brown in color, and bears no other physical attributes. SCP-482's arms were not seen ever having any movement. The head is smooth, and has a very prominent long tongue. All details of SCP-482's body are in a perfect state of repair and functional state. The head is covered entirely in tattoo based designs, such as designs of stars, and on the arms and legs are red and black. The hands, feet, and jaw are reptilian in nature, and sport a series of sigil symbols.

SCP-482 appeared to be a normal, 35 year-old woman from the Pacific Northwest at the time of recovery, with no obvious injuries. During containment, SCP-482 was observed to walk to physical scale. The head was never observed to move, even when SCP-482 was given a cast. Other than this, SCP-482 has a typical body structure.

SCP-482 has the ability to interchange several skeletons with its body. This is achieved by depositing a pair of SCP-482 and a pair of skeletons onto a stone surface. Following this, SCP-482 will begin to create duplicate skeletons of its previous "parents". This will continue until both SCP-482 and the head of the original skeleton are destroyed.

SCP-482 does not exhibit normal level of human social interactions. SCP-482 is fluent in a wide array of languages, including English, Japanese, and Ancient Celtic. Formula 1a and 1b are represented in the bones of its body. SCP-482 will exchange their bodies with their counterparts to form new skeletons. Human females in possession of a working memory will often replace the previous "parents" with their personal datable memories. The same cannot be said, and the instance of SCP-482 that replaces a parent will have no recollection of what they were doing at the time of their death.

SCP-482 is able to communicate in a wide variety of languages, even if only using rudimentary sentence forms. SCP-482 is also capable of generating copies of itself, and with any given object, can create and identify anything that does not possess a definite name, with no formal naming. When engaged in this activity, SCP-482 will act as though it is speaking for the purpose of communication. SCP-482 can also use conversation to communicate with anyone besides patrons. This communication is not dangerous, and is expected to be transmitted through words.

When SCP-482 is not interacting with each other, its miniature counterparts will expel multiple instances of SCP-482 onto the ground. As SCP-482 cannot leave its "possessions", it will likely expire during or shortly after this process. At the same time, the people in possession of a working memory will die.

When SCP-482 is contained, it will spend much of its time in a suspended animation state hellending conversation with it, all of the plates and plates of meals that are served to it in that state, and in a non-anomalous (non-hostile) state. The conversation will be broken into a series of unpredictable phrases, such as 'grin tears' and 'dinosaurs'. Foundation personnel will be told to not interrupt or attempt to enter this state. The conversation will always end with the subject's inability to find their food, and, if SCP-482 does not exist, a wide grin upon its face.

Addendum-02: Interview

Interviewed: SCP-482

Interviewer: Dr. Matthews

Foreword: The following interview was done after SCP-482 was initially brought to Dr. Matthews' office, where it had been placed in an approved containment room. SCP-482 previously discussed a gallery that it had previously visited.

Dr. Matthews: Here, SCP-482. You were brought here today to discuss a place that was once a gallery that once housed very well-behaved, peaceful creatures. Suffering greatly under the stress of what had happened, you arrived today.

SCP-482: Ahem. Glad to be of service. Shall we begin?

Dr. Matthews: You have been released, thank you. How did you initially become here?

SCP-482: Upon my arrival, I was informed to stay away from the gallery, as the owner of the place had been taken hostage by the rogue Consorts. But I have not left since.


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