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Item #: SCP-483

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-483 is to monitored by a Foundation operative at all times. Personnel will be encouraged to report any mental changes they may have experienced within the possession of SCP-483 as well as any unusual behaviour they may have done. Any attempts to breach the containment of SCP-483 will result in the capture and arrest of the individual even if the containment of SCP-483 has not taken place.

Description: SCP-483 is a large, rotting refrigeration unit located in the basement of the █████ ████ ███████ █████ ████████ Industrial Building, ███████, ██████. SCP-483 can be found in the basement of the █████ █████ ████ Industrial Business Center, ████████, South 10███.

SCP-483 has, over the course of approximately ██ years, been purchasing additional refrigerated items from under the collapse of the ████████ ███████ Industrial CJBC. The ████████ ████████ Industrial Business Center was located and operated as an operating statement for this operation because - ironically - a number of staff employed at the ████████ Industrial CJBC had collapsed during the collapse of the ████████ A███.

SCP-483 did not store its refrigerated items in the ████████ Industrial Building, and it has only also been able to purchase the remains of two refrigerated "homes" from the Central Intake Facility. When SCP-483 tried to purchase a refrigerator from SCP-483, it returned with a collection of other items.

Document-483-M1: The First Interview

Subject: Dr. █████ ██████

Interviewed: SCP-483

Foreword: The interview was conducted two days after the discovery of SCP-483. The interviewer, Dr. █████ ██████, was assigned to SCP-483 en route to the Central Intake Facility on a short-term leave. While in the observation room, Dr. ██████ observed SCP-483's display of distress by holding the item in its custody on the table in front of him.

Dr. ██████'s notes: The following is an excerpt of the first interview conducted by Dr. ████████, recorded at around ██:██ after the discovery of SCP-483. Dr. ██████ was present in the observation room during the interview.

Dr. ██████: [Subject of the first interview with SCP-483] I see what you are trying to do, but you should stop. The time has come for us to move on from this.

Dr. ██████: [Noting the revelation that SCP-483 may have successfully acquired the initial items from SCP-483] But what do you have for me?

Dr. ██████: [Subject of the first interview with SCP-483] May I ask a question?

Dr. ██████: [Subject of the first interview with SCP-483] I have a lot of things I want you to show me.

Dr ██████: [Subject of the second interview] I am interested in owning a refrigerator.

Project Interview-C-002: Additional Documentation


Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Interviewee: SCP-483

Foreword: The following interview was conducted one week after the discovery of SCP-483. Dr. ████████ was present in the observation room during the interview. It is believed that the interview took place immediately after the initial containment of SCP-483. Dr. ████████ was present on site at the time of the interview.

Dr. ████████: Hello, Mr. ████████.

SCP-483: [Subject of the second interview, now with on-site psychologist, Dr. █████ ███████] I am now your friend, I shut off the noise manipulator for the last week.

Dr. ████████: Please explain what you have been doing for the last week.

SCP-483: I have been working hard on my understanding, actually. I did study on the internet, the Study Group was looking for any information on refrigerated items, and I would like to acquire a refrigerator.

Dr. ███████: Dear Mr. ████████, I can assure you that you must have found my lack of patience to be entirely unintentional, but I had no intention of interfering in your 'research'.

SCP-483: Truly, I am more than willing to give you my knowledge if you simply do as you tell me.

Dr. ████████: [Subject of the third interview] What is your motivation in this endeavor?

SCP-483: I simply cannot learn how to make my own fridge without help

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